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    My contacts keep breeding. I have 10 copies of some contacts. I started out with 1500 contacts 2 years ago. I am now up to 7000. There must be a way to delete duplicates. I have a Q10 release
    Its driving me crazy. I love the phone but this is nuts.
    01-22-15 12:15 PM
  2. SlcCorrado's Avatar
    That is quite annoying. You may want to adjust your settings so that only certain accounts sync contacts. Try an app like Contact X or Max Contact Merger to get the number down
    01-22-15 12:17 PM
  3. hellomoto921's Avatar
    Remove contacts from your sim!! After that's done reboot phone.

    Posted via CB10
    01-22-15 12:21 PM
  4. Uobot Catalonia's Avatar
    I have same issue, I have lots of duplicate contacts. Please how do I delete all my phone contacts at once. I don't need them again. Wanna start afresh.

    Posted via CB10
    01-23-15 08:30 AM
  5. Befuddledberry's Avatar
    This is from go1ndr posted 7-1-2013. I followed it and it works. Here it is word for word (editing out the old version of Link & OS):

    There are so many threads and posts on both the Z10 and Q10 Forums regarding the problem with syncing contacts (and calendars) with Outlook desktop client (2007/2010) via USB connection, that I wanted to post a thread that addresses the issues and the fix I found after experiencing the same problems. Many thanks to Blackberry forputting the help icon on the home screen

    To begin with, make sure you have the latest OS on your device and that you have downloaded the newest Link version. Prior to downloading it, make sure and UNINSTALL the old version of Link that you have on your PC and then reboot your PC to clear the cashe. Also make sure and do the uninstall using your PC>CONTROL PANEL>PROGRAMS AND FEATURES. Check the box that says something like remove all associated files, or something like that after it begins. Then install the fresh new Link download from the forums or Blackberry.

    Once the new OS is on your device, and the new Link version is on your pc, you can now do a 2-way sync with Outlook 2007 or2010. The sync should work flawlessly (though it takes some time), but the issue that rears its ugly head for most of us, is that when we do the initial sync, it works perfectly but for some odd reason it puts many duplicates and triplicates on both the device and the Outlook contact folder. Actually as you will see, it isn’t odd at all.

    You are not alone! This happened to me too last week and I had 1100+ contacts so you can only imagine the frustration I had even though it only duplicated maybe 50 contacts-give or take a few. Perplexed and not knowing what to do, I searched the countless threads and posts on CB and posted my own issues as well, but as is sometimes the case, when you have 20 or 30 pages of posts on several threads, (or even 6 or 7) it becomes even more frustrating to find an answer. That said, I did the “Unthinkable” and actually looked at the “help” icon on my phone. Yes, a man that asks for help-LOL!

    I read what seems to be a secret on the "Help" app under troubleshooting. On your device, go to help>contacts>Troubleshooting contacts. Once I found it (and it took a bit of searching) this is what I learned:

    It seems that when you sync your contacts (and calendar) it automatically syncs with "All" of your different contact apps, i.e. Facebook,Gmail, Outlook.com, OUTLOOK 2007/2010, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. So if a contact is your contact in any or all of these apps, it creates duplicate contacts (copies) in both your device and your PC for all the apps. HOWEVER--there is a way to"link" them all together. This is what to do:

    Start by "turning on" all of your contact sources in the contact app on the home screen> Contact App>menu>gear (open the contact app-go to gear menu)> click on, all of them. Then close the menu.
    Next open up your contacts like normal (remember that all apps MUST be turned on or you'll end up repeating again)
    Next go through each one of the contacts on your device.-one by one- When you do find a duplicate, tap on the contact(hold down for a sec) and you'll have the side menu come up.
    On the side menu is a box with a check mark in it
    Click on the "checkmarkbox"
    Touch on each of the duplicate or triplicate contacts and they will highlight.
    Then in the same menu,click on the “top person with the "sideways bowtie" looking icon (small icon) and it will link your duplicate contacts together. (Read about it in the"HELP" icon on your home screen under contacts>troubleshooting>duplicates before you begin if you don’t want to just trust this post-LOL).
    When done close contacts on phone and go to PC>Outlook>contacts
    Next painstakingly go through your Outlook 2007/2010 contact list and remove all duplicates or triplicates Link software put there, and if necessary move them to another contact sub folder.
    Once this is done, say a prayer, plug in your phone, open link and click on sync contacts and calendar once it is fully open. Hopefully your experience will be the same as mine was and all dups were gone and all contacts synced perfectly..

    You may get a warning that certain files would be removed from your device or your PC or both, "continue or not". If you are unsure, go to those contacts in your PC/Outlook contacts and move them to a subfolder until you can reinsert them. Then repeat the sync and click "continue".

    To be completely in tune with this post, please open your help icon on your home screen>contacts>troubleshooting contacts and read it—its about a paragraph long and may be the best paragraph you have ever read. Lastly, remember that when you sync, it syncs with BBLink contacts (that much I noticed), so I have turned off all of my other contacts apps like outlook.com, facebook and linkedin and only keep BBLink contacts on in my contact folder on my home screen. I believe this is the same with the calendar and I only have the BBLink calendar open. Seems to work flawlessly so far. I will update if any issues pop up. Good Luck and I hope this works for others as it has for me. I can't guarantee anything but I now trust the "help" icon--LOL Good Luck--Go1ndr

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    01-23-15 08:51 AM

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