1. Sebs-l's Avatar

    I'm using a Q10 with os

    My battery life isn't that good, I unplug the Phone at 7am and when I'm back at the charger it's basically around 11pm and I'm down to 10% without heavy use in my eyes - a couple of Emails and whatsapp, maybe 5min news Website in the morning.

    When I Check the Stock battery Monitor, it tells me, that the highest battery usage comes from the screen with 24%, the System 16% and all other apps around 2-4% max.

    Why is the Display Power consumption in my case so high?
    I feel like the usage for apps that run all the time like PIM should be higher especially as my screen is on for one Minute at a time max....

    How is it for your devices??

    10-29-14 07:04 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    display uses the most battery on most devices. its not surprising. I would think something else is causing the high battery drain
    10-29-14 07:10 PM
  3. Sebs-l's Avatar
    Ok I just figured out the percentages in the Monitor App make no Sense at all as they add up to over 100%.

    Apart from the screen there is no other app which I'm using that has anything near the usage of the screen....

    Posted via CB10
    10-29-14 07:17 PM
  4. R3d13's Avatar
    Same here!!!

    20 - 25% Display
    followed by System
    and everything else is less than 1%

    My battery drains fast despite low-usage and find that I have to charge it every evening and overnight. My display setting is at lowest brightness.
    10-30-14 03:03 AM
  5. flyingsolid's Avatar
    How is it for your devices??
    I would like to know some tips too because just recently I got just about 12 hours of battery life on moderate to heavy use and just about 23 hours with little to no use.

    What is your brightness setting because I have mine set to the lowest level?

    10-30-14 01:55 PM
  6. Satori Heyne's Avatar
    Best conduct in my attempt to preserve charge
    1. Only switch over to data services when actually needed. Turn off data while roaming, I don't travel.
    2. Check which app permissions you allowed, changing permissions cuts back on power usage.
    3. Disallow auto downloads for images on certain email accounts, I don't always need to see the pictures.
    4. I manually update, never auto.
    5. If not using wi-fi I disable.

    These are my habits. My battery usually lasts a full day, although others might have their own ideas about power strategy.
    10-30-14 02:43 PM
  7. arlene_t's Avatar
    Tips to save battery on Q10
    1. Display - I set my display to 20-30% or if I have to use it outdoor I will adjust and then after I finish put it back again.
    2. Make sure your NFC and Bluetooth is off if you're not using it.
    3. If you are not using data or not subscribed into data toggle off the mobile data for internet in q10
    4. Be mindful of the apps you have especially ported android apps. For me Skype and whatsapp drains my battery. Once I finished using them I exit the app.
    5. Emails - if you have many emails sync interval adjust it according to your priority. My personal emails gets less interval compared to work emails.

    Posted via CB10
    11-01-14 08:45 PM
  8. joewoo's Avatar
    Try putting a leaked OS on it
    11-01-14 10:38 PM
  9. anon(4216152)'s Avatar
    i'm on the same OS ( as the OP and I generally have a full day of heavy use (6am-11pm). But it depends on the signal reception. The availability of good WiFi and good 4G/3G signals make all the difference. And those signals are not good enough all day and every day. A bad signal could drain your battery in several hours even without using the phone.

    Cannot choose between glas or plastic keyboard
    11-02-14 02:56 AM

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