06-19-14 07:06 AM
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    AOL and Comcast accounts look the same as they did before...put your password in the password field and you're done. When you go to re-input your Google p/w you are faced with a Google sign in screen. Put your password in and the next screen you see is:
    "This app would like to:"
    View and manage your mail,
    Manage your calendars, and
    View and manage your contacts using the CarDAV protocol

    You can either Accept or Cancel.

    If you cancel you cannot send or receive gmail emails from your Crackberry. Simple as that.

    I assume one can circumvent this problem if one uses Advanced Setup.

    The story reminds me on this one:
    The German computer expert Frank Rieger did not use Advanced Setup last year for his e-mail account and was quite surprised what happened then:

    06-19-14 07:06 AM
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