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    I love my new Q10 but I am really wanting the new 10.3 software for my device (running Sprint as my cellular provider)

    BB is not responding to my requests for help and Sprint says its not there issue.

    I'm not a huge tech head, but where can I get the new 10.3 software in a easy to download manner, so I can get the Amazon App Store running on the Q10.

    Thanks in advance,

    FTPLTR (First Time Poster, Long Time Reader)
    07-08-15 03:55 PM
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    These should help:


    The guide is a little old, so here's somewhat of an update:

    1: Get Sachesi and open it
    2: Plug in phone, Sachesi should recognize it
    3: Drag blitz file (the zip) onto Sachesi's Install window
    4: Wait
    5: Phone reboots, update applies without deleting data
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    07-08-15 09:03 PM

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