1. jsnorman's Avatar
    My device storage reports 15.8gb USED and only a couple hundred mb available. This is killing mail (hub and all mail except text messages; I see headers only from yesterday, and I cannot read any email) and I cannot download any apps.

    I have tried the cache cleaner app, but no change.

    I have looked in file manager for any large files, but there are none.

    I have deleted every app I downloaded except the essentials (evernote, kayak, docs to go)

    How on earth could I be out of of storage so easily???

    I cannot find a single storage management app either.

    Oh, and I have 32gb sdcard that is practically unused. Whatever is eating the device storage, is there no way to tell it to use the sdcard???

    Disappointed. I so wanted to love my new q10 but this reminds me of problems I had in the 90's or even the 80's with MS-DOS - I cannot believe I am struggling with mem full errors!

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 10:40 AM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    This is not right. All of you apps go to the device memory. but pictures and videos and the like go to your storage card. Plug into a PC and explore a bit and see what is on your device memory?

    Do you have a lot of Android apps installed?
    Are your photos from your camera going to the device memory? There is no way you should run out with even 25 or 30 apps going!!!

    If you want to manage Android apps, use Ghost Commander from App World.
    11-07-13 10:47 AM
  3. jsnorman's Avatar
    I have very few apps loaded and nothing running except BlackBerry os apps!!!

    Something is definitely not right. If I do a battery pull I can get a few emails before it happens again.

    Going to get ghost commander hopefully it will at least tell me what is going on.

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    11-07-13 10:58 AM
  4. jsnorman's Avatar
    Sorry I missed your reference to android... I am not using any android apps yet. I intend to (if I keep the phone which seems unlikely at this point)

    Posted via CB10
    11-07-13 11:13 AM
  5. chil_ed's Avatar
    I've got 14 gbs used up classified as 'other' which I can't find out what exactly it is, I've only got a few apps left and they can't possibly be taking up that much space. So my question is what the he'll is taking up all my space?? I can't update to 10.2 because it's a 1gb update and j don't have the space left on my device. Very annoying

    Posted via CB10
    11-09-13 05:49 AM
  6. redmonke255's Avatar
    Plug it into your computer and use a program like windirstat to see what folders are filled with files.

    Posted via Q10
    11-09-13 06:17 AM
  7. jsnorman's Avatar
    I have narrowed down the cause - but cannot fix. Any help appreciated.

    The cause is dropbox. Rather than storing files on my 64GB sdcard, like it should, Dropbox decided to store "pinned" folders on my device!!!

    But here is the strange thing - the dropbox files do not show up AT ALL when I examine the folders using explorer (ether from the built in file explorer OR from Windows using BB Link and Windows File Explorer). EVERY directory appears empty.

    However, when I go to BB Link and click on "Documents" I can see the 15GB of files.

    The problem is, I cannot seem to delete these files!!?? From BB Link, I right-click and selected to delete the documents folder. BB Link asked me to confirm, and it appeared as if they were being deleted... but when I looked at my BB settings, the drive was still filled. Starting BB Link up again, and presto the files re-appeared like magic (and it was too short a time for dropbox to have re-synced all those).

    More problematic, I cannot start dropbox, as it says it requires 1MB of free space which I do not have (thanks to Dropbox!!)

    I hate crappy programs. Going to complain to the dropbox folks, but if anyone has ideas please let me know.

    Until then, my phone is practically useless as it crashes (without error or warning) constantly leaving me without emails (and no notice it is doing such). BB needs a better mechanisms for out of memory situations -at the least I should get a warning!!!!
    11-13-13 01:10 PM
  8. butterbean1983's Avatar
    I recommend deleting the dropbox app and deleting the account from your phone if it is stored there. Then try deleting the files again. If the problem persists, do a security wipe.
    11-13-13 01:16 PM

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