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    I've been using the BlackBerry Z30. I like it but I feel it's too stressful on my eyes. It's too wide!

    So after ignoring my BlackBerry Q10 due to the double typing issues and me owning a BlackBerry Z30, I decide to go back. Except it was really slow (it took forever for the media card to be scanned by the picture app), the battery while charging according to device monitor would take 7 hours to be fully charged, and all in all, it was really laggy. OK that's still not really a problem, maybe the battery is really really dead. The problem however is that after charging my battery to 100 percent and then inserting the SD card and Sim card, the phone wouldn't turn on at all. In order for me to be able to turn on my phone I needed to plug it to the charger and then hit the power button, then remove the charger once it was on. What's the problem here?

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    07-07-14 02:46 PM
    if you left the battery at a dead charge for more than 3 months its possible the battery itself is dead. if you need to store a battery for long term its best to have it left at 50% then throw into storage. Lithium batteries don't like to be depleted for a long term. its possible you may need a new battery at this point. Or leave it on to charge longer.
    07-07-14 02:59 PM
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    Well when I switched to my BlackBerry z30, I just put the BlackBerry Q10 away. It probably drained all the way and the battery was left on the phone without charge for a long time.

    Then this causes another problem for me. Let's say I buy a new BlackBerry Q10 battery and then not use my BlackBerry z30 anymore. Since its battery cannot be removed does this mean the same problem will occur?

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    07-07-14 03:03 PM

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