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    I've always been a heavy user of my smartphones, but even more so when I had a physical keyboard in my hands. I just felt like sharing a screenshot of the past 24 and 48 hours of use on my battery on the Q10.

    I'm a heavy user. I'm always doing something, connected through bluetooth so I can use my playbook in public, answering messages constantly etc... everything the average heavy user does. here are my stats and I could be happier with the battery life.
    Hardcore Users-img_20140817_071244.png
    Hardcore Users-img_20140817_071237.png

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    08-17-14 07:18 AM
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    I love the battery on my Z30 as well!
    Glad you get as much as you can from your Q!
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    08-17-14 08:50 AM

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