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    Thank you for stating what my concern and reason for posting in the first place was! Sorry you're blocked but maybe you can work something out, get a chance to show your IT department or ask that they can test this and come up with a solution to allow your BB10 device.

    You are correct. If the device is a managed device, i.e. given to you and provisioned by your employer they can wipe your device. I was speaking in BYOD terms where the devices are unmanaged and are just performing secure containerization of data. In this instance they have no control of the device.
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    Are you certain, absolutely certain ... because the linked article states ...
    Management & Control
    Good for Enterprise helps accelerate mobility adoption by including integrated device and application management
    capabilities, giving you complete control over your mobile deployment. From a central, web-based console, you have
    full visibility of your entire device fleet. You can provision new devices; enforce security policies, and remote wipe
    enterprise data or the entire device from a single location.
    Regarding Containerization ... (considering Stomko being blocked, and thinking as a test for others running GFE on BB10) I'm curious about the following from that linked document by Good.

    With next-gen containerization, Good for Enterprise protects corporate data—including emails, business contacts, or files downloaded from corporate intranets—on personal unmanaged and managed devices.
    For example, IT can prevent employees from opening files in unsecured apps,
    backing up business data to personal cloud-based services, or copying and pasting business content into consumer apps or personal email. Good uses patented end-to-end security that protects corporate data along each phase of delivery to all provisioned devices.
    Can anyone test sending an attachment in an email to themselves ... open the attachment in GFE, and see if you can save it to the MicroSD card & or internal device? I'm curious if you're successful or not ... if so, then it's a consideration for some business to block BB10 from using GFE. I HIGHLY doubt this will work and it really should NOT, but I've seen in iOS6 from Mobile Iron this work on an iPhone, the document was accessible even after a containerization wipe and also after the app and policy removals. I'm just VERY curious about how BB10 would handle this contianerization. Unfortunately where I work I'm unable to test this. If it doesn't work then it's a 'Good' (pardon the pun) case for those using GFE on BB10 if approached can prove the secure use and not be restricted.

    Personally I think this is a valid part of this conversation, question ... I hope others in this thread see this as well.

    02-21-14 10:12 AM
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    Good day Smartphone users,

    I am thinking to buy Blackberry but one thing s stopping me - Good for enterprise Software, which is needed for my daily work. Unfortunately i have no idea is this software working on BB correctly or not.

    Could you help me to understand will it be possible to install with out any issues this app or not? What are the steps of this install.

    Many thanks for your support.
    05-17-15 09:12 AM
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