1. Dmitry Kisselyov's Avatar
    As I read in some of the posts here, as well as experienced myself, when I create a task in Remember, with a due date, and a reminder, such task populates top line of the calendar on the due date. Yet it is not placed inside the day's grid (even though the remind will work on time).
    This is how I thought the system was deliberately organized, and it does make sense: who knows at what time exactly I will be working on that task, several days or weeks ahead of time. Instead, when the date comes I could place the task exactly where I want in the day's grid.
    However, just by accident, I noticed that if the reminder is set one or more days earlier than due date, the task is placed inside the day's grid, on reminder's time.
    It looks like this: (see Monday and Tuesday) :

    Good but strange action (Remember+Calendar)-img_20140525_195252.png

    I think it's great that this way to populate the calendar exists, yet I don't get the logic.
    05-25-14 11:55 AM
  2. J Morehouse's Avatar
    I don't get it either. However, I imagine most people will be most familiar with the way Outlook handles tasks, which is the first method you described.

    Posted with my BlackBerry Z10!
    05-25-14 12:22 PM
  3. SmellWhole's Avatar
    I think it's good, because there is the option to use a reminder only, due date only, or both. I usually don't use due dates, just reminders, and I find that when I use a reminder it shows up in the Calendar (I usually use Agenda view) in chronological order with other Task reminders and Calendar entries. But yes, because I haven't yet used the due date feature it's interesting to learn that a task's due date itself doesn't have the option to set a time, only a date whereas the reminder has the option to be placed in the Calendar at a particular time.
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    05-25-14 12:25 PM

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