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    First off, I'm really really really sorry if my question seems to be already given to a lot of threads here in the Crackberry forums. To make this long story short, my girlfriend is really crazy about the Gold Q10 we saw here in the forums, though she already bought the black one. I'm thinking of doing a "surgery" too her black Q10 to make it the white and gold Q10 for our anniversary. So here we go:

    1) Really, I'm an amateur on this thing, and I feel like the Q10 is such a delicate device, like when I open this up, I'm sure to break one or two parts, is this likely? Or will the change of the housing be dummy-proof?

    2) I see a lot of links on where I could buy all the complete parts of the Q10, including the tools to use, generally speaking, I'm afraid in being shammed into buying a low-class or fake product/housing, I see a lot of sellers like ebay, this store, that store etc. Can anyone provide finally a trusted and tried and tested seller of Q10 housing that provides top of the line parts for the Q? Like the keyboards not cheaply, gold color does not chip off, etc? This is going to be an issue for me as we currently live in Asia, so I'm really taking a risk here

    3) Lastly, anyone has a link on the how-to video regarding the complete process of changing the housing of the Q?

    You guys think I can do this? I'm going all out on giving her this surprise, I know buying the gold Q seems easier, but I guess I just want to show her more effort in surprising her when I do this by hand (or maybe I'm just a cheapskate). Thanks guys for all your help

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    07-06-14 09:12 AM
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    I get you an interesting link, you only have to buy the kit and the parts...

    BlackBerry*Q10, T-Mobile Germany - SQN100-3, Running OS
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    07-06-14 09:28 AM
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    I think all gold housings will chip fyi...

    I got mine from an ebay seller based in the US.

    For tools I ordered from amazon only to realize the kit didn't include everything I needed and not all the tools were the correct size. So in the end I got the kit from crackberry which is really well made and has everything needed.

    as for the actual process, it's simple, but requires patience.

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    07-06-14 10:08 AM
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    Sorry, OEM means original right? Like from BlackBerry is it? If so, any one know where to get OEM housings?

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    07-06-14 10:23 AM

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