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    As much as I want to get used to the Q10, I just switched back to the 9900 until the software improves.

    The major problem in my case was the unreliable IMAP gmail access. Almost everyday I have to reenter the gmail password on multiple accounts (and I am a heavy user with 5 accounts):

    Account Info Needed
    Your login information for IMAP server [imap.gmail.com] has changed or is incorrect. Please check your account settings.

    The frustrating part is that I have no idea how many times I have to reenter the password before the system will take it.

    Every time I try, I have to wait 10 seconds or so, as it gives me the "Saving and verifying your settings" screen.

    I don't know what causes it (I suspect it's related to too many simultaneous connection error generated by gmail as these accounts are accessed by other computers), but restarting the hub and even the Q10 doesn't help. I thought maybe it is just a gmail glitch, but it has been going on every day since I got the Q10, and the outage happens at random times.

    With BIS, I do not have this problem.

    I can live with temporarily doing all the annoying swiping, but email going out of commission everyday is too much.

    Other annoying problems on the Q10:

    Hangup button often doesn't work, takes 3 or 4 times to hangup, and a few times, I simply couldn't hang up.
    When I used mute today on speaker phone for the first time, I could not unmute, the button was unresponsive, I had to hang up.
    It takes too many swipes to manage email, really.
    Deleting messages is painfully slow, I need the quick del key.
    I like to see how many emails I have waiting by pressing a single button (or I can live with a single swipe), but with the Q10, I have to first swipe to unlock, and then do another swipe and hold, and even then, it only works from the home screen, and I doesn't indicate, with my multiple email accounts, which one has new email.
    I need one touch dialling and one touch application launches.
    I can't live without the u for next unread messages, it takes me 10 times longer to deal with extinguishing the red LED. I'm not sure if I'm the norm, but when I see the blinking light, I always want to check and make it go away. It's too much a hassle with the Q10 now, I rather turn the phone facedown so I don't have to deal with the chore.

    With the 9900, it's so nice to go back to the one touch home screen listing out all my email accounts. The trackpad, the speed dial, the quick access to all applications. Forgot how much I missed the convenient key.

    The battery life seems to be a wash between the two, as it takes more swipes to clear messages on the Q10, it ended up eating more power compared to the 9900.

    What I will miss on the Q10:

    Better keyboard (notice this immediately when I switch back to the 9900, the Q10 has bigger keys).
    I can type faster on the Q10, especially with the suggested words, however, it's much more difficult to move the cursor so if I make a typo on the Q10, I ended up retyping rather than moving the cursor to correct like I do with the 9900. Is it really faster? Hard to say.
    Incomparable screens, obviously, not even close.
    Significantly better reception on the Q10.
    Far better browser.
    Nicer looking cleaner design (my Q10 doesn't even have the Rogers branding).

    As a strictly workhorse business phone, to email/text/whatsapp/bbm/make calls to save me time to be productive, the 9900 is superior over the Q10 for my purposes right now. How disappointed am I with the Q10? Very. If I had to carry one phone, it would have been the 9900 over the iPhone 5 anytime (I still take the iPhone 5 with me as a toy), but between the Q10 and the iPhone 5, I may actually pick the iPhone 5 as its email interface is faster and more reliable, doesn't force me to reenter gmail passwords. And if I have problems with Apple's mail app, I can fall back onto Gmail app which is bullet proof on the iOS.

    Nevertheless, as Rogers allows me to switch SIM on the fly (through my online access), I'll keep the Q10 and when the software is more mature and all the bugs have been ironed out, will happily switch back to the Q10.

    Will certainly keep track of the latest software updates on forums like these. For the hassle I have gone through setting up the Q10, will keep it as the fit and finish is fine, and I believe it will come around in time.
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    I have to agree to some points, the battery gets sucked dry quicker due to the many swipes necessary and I have the feeling that I was faster on the 9900 with everything. Nonetheless I'm not going back. Btw carrying an iPhone 5 too
    05-11-13 12:44 AM
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    I too bought into the Q10 but quickly got out of it and now back to the 9900 (my daily driver).
    I too carry the iPhone 5, which is a great complement to the 9900 (80% of my work can be done by the 9900 more efficiently).
    I too am looking forward to revisiting the Q10 when it is on par with my expectation, whose time will surely come (if we were patient enough).
    05-11-13 01:36 AM
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    I don't think the basis of how the q10 works will change much. It would probably be easier to get used to using the new platform than wishing for the functions of old. They will probably come but you will still have the learning curve. Swiping isn't going anywhere and the track pad is dying. People really do hate change even though they demand innovation.

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    05-11-13 02:37 AM
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    I think manyOS7 users will feel the same. OS10 is not ready to win people in big way as it is actually counter productive. I am back to 9900 for business and Z10 on the side.

    Tempted to get Q10 but not anymore. After playbook and Z10 my desires to current BBRY products is pretty much diminishing. Not sure if BBRY can keep me excited for their future products
    05-11-13 03:01 AM
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    Swiping can be reduced if there are more keyboard shortcuts, for example, after reading each email, if pressing u will bring us to the next unread message, it will save us at least 2 swipes, and will make a HUGE difference in the time it takes for me to review my emails.

    I would happily give up on the voice control mute button and make it a quick access to the hub too.

    Sadly, I find the sensitivity of the Q10 touch screen not very precise, at least when compared to the iPhone 5 I use, making it challenging to move the cursor around.
    05-11-13 03:20 AM
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    I sometimes think Google is not your friend when it comes to BlackBerry products. I don't know if they do it on purpose or if it is just BlackBerry not getting the support from Google.

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    05-11-13 06:19 AM
  8. vpblaze's Avatar
    I don't think the basis of how the q10 works will change much. It would probably be easier to get used to using the new platform than wishing for the functions of old. They will probably come but you will still have the learning curve. Swiping isn't going anywhere and the track pad is dying. People really do hate change even though they demand innovation.

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    Man, that last sentence is bang on! That describes 9 out of 10 people complaining about anything new!

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    05-11-13 07:57 AM
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    9900 is still KING....

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    05-11-13 08:44 AM
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    Man, that last sentence is bang on! That describes 9 out of 10 people complaining about anything new!
    I respectfully disagree with your statement.
    While I agree with the rest of what mad33man said in his post, I do not think people are complaining because they hate changes. That would be an over-simplification. Those who are lamenting the loss of 9900 UI has more than nostalgic sentiment of bygone era.
    9900 UI is what BB arrived after many refinements, addition of function, interlacing many functions and developers effort to maintain some commonalities, using BB's API.
    It's essentially an evolution from the PDA era. I was a Palm user before. Remember Palm Tungsten and all that? BB's UI originated there. When Palm Pilot evolved into Treo etc, BB went ahead in the market with push mails. From there, BB built up UI mostly for business users.
    I do not think we are asking BBRY to copy the 9900, but I wished that BBRY did not forget their roots and follow the fad overly trying to differentiate themselves by playing the eccentric artist (so to speak :-). One example is that BBRY buried the phone application in the nest of other panes, treating it as if it was just another application, while in the legacy UI, device has dedicated buttons that you can use no matter where in the screen you were. BBRY was first and foremost, the phone first.
    Swipe and all that is good, but it looked to me a bit chaotic, and not as streamlined as the legacy UI, which I hope will be improved over time (if BBRY has time left).
    In fact, if I could over-simplify, what was lacking in the previous BBs (which almost killed RIM) was the decent internet rendering, that affected everything internet related, map/GPS included. Nothing else was particularly wrong, in my opinion. Not much about enterprise use or consumer use.
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    Have to agree. There is much to like about the Q10, like the keyboard, camera, call clarity, internet speed etc. But dang, I just want to call someone! On my Torch the process was click spacebar to wake up, then start dialing, or voice prompt, or contacts. Now, SWIPE to wake up, then SWIPE to turn off the simply ridiculous time and notifications screen, then SWIPE to get out of hub then touch screen to bring up phone - by then I've forgotten who I was calling. Swipe, swipe friggin' swipe. Hey blackberry, first, just one swipe, (or keyboard touch please) to wake up the phone and get me down to business ok? Then the first screen I see should let me choose between commonly used applications like phone, calendar, contacts etc. Just like on the Torch - please show me right away what you know I use most. AND, if I want to start dialing from ANY application, then let me do that. Because, on a blackberry, calling should be a core function, not an app! Also, (and this is one of many headscratchers), once I'm in the phone app if I dial a number with the keypad, I press "call" to make the call, but if I dial from anywhere else in the phone app, I press the number I have dialed to make it go. AND, NO SYNCING WITH OUTLOOK VIA USB CABLE AND LINK?? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING EXACTLY?? UGH. I'll play with this thing for a while longer and try to learn the shortcuts, but I think blackberry may have thrown out the baby with the bathwater.
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    05-17-13 02:31 PM
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    I guess I can understand the OP's issues and there are ways blackberry can tackle some of the issues he mentioned.


    Once in the blackberry hub, the user could use the volume up and down keys to navigate between the emails and use the mute button to enter an email, the volume key navigation is useful is selecting an item and then all the default shortcuts can apply such as the keyboard del key or other shortcuts


    Blackberry can design a virtual trackpad that can be kept as an input option in the accessibility settings, allowing it to be always present when needed to select, copy, paste stuff..

    I guess there is still room for blackberry to implement features without compromising the device hardware.

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    05-17-13 03:12 PM
  13. sturbain's Avatar
    Am I the only one for whom Blackberry Link just does not work. It crashes every time I try to use it. Every time. I've uninstalled, reinstalled, etc. Nothing works.

    This will be my last post. My next one will read "Gently used Q10 for sale".
    05-17-13 03:23 PM
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    i bought Q5, and then i made security swipe of my 9900 to release the BB ID there since im using same number.

    And i was disappointed also with same issues mentioned above, plus the fact that the subscription package is different from BIS and my provider is chopping my extra credit in the phone everytime i do FB, instead of charging it against the supposed to be 1.5GB data allowance.

    in addition, i was shocked to learn that in BB10, when you "clean" (as in delete) your old emails in handheld devices, your server-side copies are also deleted. I lost a month's worth of emails before i realized what was going on. Blame it on RIM's effort to be like iDroidz by implementing ActiveSync. I mean, is it too much of an embarrassment for RIM to maintain that function of deleting emails from handheld only in their BB10s?

    After 3 weeks now, i decided to go back to 9900. i thought i should upgrade the OS as i have upgraded twice already and there was this new version from Rogers.

    So last night I used Apploader to update the OS. At the end of upgrading, the system crashed as the Apploader indicated their was password on the device. I was horrified at the impending outcome of failed upgrade. Indeed, after several tries, the apploader closed and my BB crashed.

    I sent it now to service center and hope they can restore it to factory setting so i can go back to BIS.

    waiting for Dec to gift the Q5 to my son who is an Android-phone user, because that is what the BB10 was made for - android and iphone users.
    10-11-13 05:16 AM
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    My friend's Q10 is having same problem with Gmail account as mentioned by OP. It's very frustrating not have been fixed even with the latest OS 10.2.1. Anyone encountered the same problem?
    04-08-14 11:47 PM
  16. jayzero76's Avatar
    I have an iPhone and love it! Always looking for a 9900 but pricing wasn't that good to buy! So found a Q10 love it however for me the best thing is 9900 and iPad mini! That's all I need! All typing I can use the 9900 and apps I use then the iPad mini!

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    04-09-14 12:01 PM
  17. SC457's Avatar
    Although i'm not having the same issue with my Gmail accounts I do miss some things from OS 7 mainly the layout. However, I purchased a 9900 off eBay for a 2nd phone and ended up selling it a few weeks later.

    BB10 performance is just so much better. I hope they continue the improvements and bring back a lot of legacy features. We'll see what the Q10 brings with the tool belt return.
    04-09-14 01:47 PM

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