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    Ok this requires some cb help.

    My gmail suddenly started to get glitchy on me today.

    Whenever I try to send an email, I notice that it doesn't send.

    I go into settings and check accounts and it says that gmail is not connected, along with the message "the server for account ____, can't be reached. The settings might be incorrect or the server temporarily offline. Check your settings and try again".

    I haven't done anything to my phone since I got and gmail was working just fine till today. After I do a battery pull or a restart, the email gets sent.

    But then if I want to send another one, the same problem. Basically I have to restart the phone each time i want to send an email.

    What gives

    Posted via CB10 Right on Cue
    07-24-14 04:07 PM
  2. evodevo69's Avatar
    Something isn't right, it's randomly going in and out of connection. Not sure if this is a Google issue or BlackBerry issue.

    Posted via CB10 Right on Cue
    07-24-14 04:08 PM

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