1. KR2013's Avatar
    I can no longer make full backups for my Q10 via Link. This started about a week ago. The blue progress bar goes pretty close to the end, but not fully completed when the little progress screen closes. There are no error messages and it looks like everything went okay, but when I search for the backup file, it doesn't exist. I could sense something was wrong because the blue progress bar didn't quite reach the end. Interestingly, partial back up works fine if I just leave Media out of the backup (keeping device and app settings). So, there seems to be something wrong with some media files, but can't figure out what. Has anybody else encountered this?
    12-21-14 01:32 AM
  2. Joshu42's Avatar
    Well, did you check the space left on your hard-drive ?
    By the way, this issue seems to happened when you're phone storage is (near) full. Let 30 to 40% free space on the phone and try again.
    12-21-14 06:00 AM
  3. KR2013's Avatar
    Ya, there seems to be enough space left on both my laptop and the Q10 (6GB space left from the 16GB capacity on the phone).
    12-21-14 06:14 AM

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