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    Okay, this is my 2nd Q10. The first I had to return because of a super sensitive key on the keyboard. Other than that, it was great and battery life was pretty good.

    The 2nd Q10 is good but the battery life was awful even when I swapped out batteries. Even after 2 weeks and I was on 10.1, the battery life sucked. So maybe I had two bad batteries and I ordered a third. A month had passed and then the battery life was back to normal, 8 to 12 hours. Then I got 10.2 and now battery life is phenomenal! What am I going to do with a third battery now?? (That's my only frustration.)

    I have one gripe. Once in a while, perhaps once every month and a half, the screen prematurely fades out. It fades out towards the middle from top and bottom at the same time and leaves a couple of lines right before the screen goes dark. The first time I had to restart the device. The second time I quickly swiped up and the screen turned on again. What could it mean?

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    04-13-14 05:38 AM
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    If all our frustrations were an extra in life think how good things would be. Maybe one day if you sell the phone that will aid the sale.

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    04-13-14 07:02 AM

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