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    I'd just completed a System Backup for my year old Q10. After completion, I tried listening to YouTube videos via the headphone jack. No sound, only through main speakers. The earphones had been working all day.

    In a couple instances, the jack could be pulled most-the-way out, hearing some static, and then being able to hear via ear phones. But the jack would fall out at that point.

    Based on web suggestions, I shut off the Q10, then stuck a straightened paper clip to the bottom of the port. Lol' and behold, a millimeter diameter pile of lint fell out -- just like one YouTuber showed! But earphones still did not work. Tried alcohol on a round toothpick (with sharp point broken off) with a small length of alcohol prep wipe to clean the port. Still no earphones.

    Tried Restore to the System Backup just completed. Still no earphone.

    Solution: Restore to the prior month's System Backup, ignoring media files. Voila! This worked. I try to run a System Backup monthly, and keep the last 3-4 on my hard drive. Its grown to 2 GB thus far, with music and media files stored on my new 64 GB SD chip.

    Loss: a few free apps I tried the last 30 days, and my re-organized icons on Home screens.

    Didn't get a chance to try one claimed trick to hold the "answer" button on the earbud wire for 3 seconds while playing sound through the speakers. Maybe next time.
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    Persistence pays off! Glad you got it working
    10-09-14 11:45 AM
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    Hi. Funnily enough, I'm experiencing the same issue. Head phone jack working all day, use in the car aux etc. Then nothing, can only hear audio via the speaker on my Z10. I'm currently on the official 10.3 beta. The only back up I have is of 10.2 before the upgrade! I try the tricks posted and notify if solved. It's soooo frustrating!

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    10-09-14 02:14 PM
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    Actually, I'm still having severe problems keeping the music or video in PLAY mode. One fix is to have a Headphone Jack ON switch, i.e. enable and leave it on. Of course, this could be a problem for incoming phone calls, and the earbuds do not have a microphone and switch to receive the call.

    A simpler solution is for the electronic & software logic to check twice for a disconnnect. The reason is the problem is caused by momentary faults, i.e. disconnects lasting only a split second.

    The logic should check twice for a disconnect, e.g. 0.25 second apart. If the logic senses disconnect both times, then revert to PAUSE mode. If the second check is OK, then leave the dang thing in PLAY mode.

    This problem is really aggravating, and is caused by using elegant switching logic for sensing when a headphone jack is inserted and connected, with old-tech headphone jack design (designed decades ago). The BB developers could test to determine the ideal delay time before re-checking for loss of connection, but its probably very brief, e.g. 0.15, 0.25, etc sec.

    ref: http://supportforums.blackberry.com/...c/td-p/2999692
    10-25-14 09:31 PM
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    .. Crumbs sounds complex. I've been trying various headphones since cleaning out the port, removing dust and dirt with a paper clip, including blowing compressed air into the cavity. All the above made no difference to the annoying problem with my goto headphones, but get this, oh the irony.. my set of apple ipod headphones work a treat! Unsure what's going on here technically, but at least there is still life in the Z10! Not too worried about not being able to play music and podcasts in the car via the aux out, but at least I can zone out at work when the chit-chat gets tiresome.

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    10-27-14 04:28 PM
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    'Pressing call button on headphones solution' worked for me on my Passport. Thanks.
    11-02-14 01:02 AM
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    I submitted an enhancement request to ideamailbox@blackberry.com to check for headphone jack connectivity twice, before switching from Play to Pause or main speakers, i.e. check 0.15-0.25 seconds apart. I really feel the loss of connectivity when the jack or cable is disturbed is extremely brief, and switch to Pause or main speakers should only occur if the headphones are still disconnected upon the second check.
    11-02-14 09:14 PM
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    Still having awful problems maintaining connection to ear buds via 3.5 mm jack. The slightest disturbance to the plug causes loss of ear bud sound, and endless jiggling of the connection does not always re-connect. Nothing seems to work sometimes, nor does pressing the answer button on the ear bud wire. I have two BB OEM earphones, which seem to work better than off-brands for reliability of the wire.
    Fixed Headphone Jack via Restore-14085.jpg

    I have cleaned any lint, and used DeoxIT Gold to clean the contacts. Sometimes this helps, other times no effect.

    If iPhone and Android phones do not have this problem, then its one HUGE reason not to buy another BB phone. I like to listen to music and SoundCloud audio, both which fail to work so often. The headphones (or any brand) worked great the first month, then degraded ever since. How can such low-tech connection be so problematic? Sometimes works for a couple weeks without too much problem, other times can hardly get a connection. Don't recall those Sony Walkmans having this problem. REALLY BAD for an expensive high-end device.
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