1. bbsstmez's Avatar
    Curious. Does anyone know how it will compare to the Q10? The entire experience. Also, will it impact the smartphone market? Will it help lower prices, introduce new features that other manufacturers will then need to mimic and incorporate into their OS and phone?

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-14 01:39 PM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    It brings some cool things to the table i think that gives us a peak at what is to come in the market. Obviously the price is not any different though than other high end phones. I dont think it will sell that well either but time will tell
    06-19-14 01:42 PM
  3. Alex Keb's Avatar
    Other than false sense of security and keyboard, no reason to get a Q10.

    Consumer wise, 100x better than Q10.

    Right now the only BlackBerry phone that shows promise to me is Passport.

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-14 01:47 PM
  4. AngryPerson's Avatar
    I was very curious about it but today I'm thinking not so much anymore. It's gonna be similar software to Kindle Fire HDX I guess, haven't tried it but doesn't seem to be that great.

    Posted via Q10
    06-19-14 01:56 PM
  5. co4nd's Avatar
    I personally don't like being locked in to a specific retailer with a renegade version of android, if I want android I'll buy a Google Nexus and get the real deal.
    06-19-14 02:00 PM
  6. BBUniq01's Avatar
    We went through two Kindle Fires and they had poor build and quality. I do like the innovation on this phone. Definitely interesting.

    My Z10 - an extension of me
    06-19-14 05:04 PM
  7. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    I think the Fire Phone is a joke! $199 on 2-year contract. It's priced at a flagship price but I don't see it as a flagship device. Sure it's got 32GB of storage for $199 where most phones have 16GB for that price but that's all you get! No expansion on it! Not to mention you are limited to Amazon App Store unless you side load Google Play. Amazon App Store has a lot of apps but it's no Google Play that's for sure. There is currently no Instagram, WhatsApp, or HBOGO. These are apps that I have on my Q10 and really I can get iGrann and WhatsApp from BlackBerry World. You would be better off paying a bit extra for a Q10 or buying a Z10 off contract off Amazon and getting a MicroSD card. I think Amazon should have priced it at $99 instead. I can see this phone dropping to $99 in a matter of a few months especially after the iphone 6 is announced.

    Posted via CB10
    06-19-14 09:24 PM
  8. vinniesworld's Avatar
    Well it's got a 2.26Ghz Snapdragon 800 octa-core and an Adreno 330, 2Gb Ram and a flavour of either 32Gb or 64Gb. Runs Fire OS 3.5 which lets be honest is an Android Jellybean 4.2 fork anyway. 3D Screen with around 450ppi but that's about it really. Plus as previously mentioned, like the Kindle's it's locked in to Amazon with their usual bloatware and proprietry stuff.

    People may buy it because it's a 'new boy' but I can't see it being a huge big deal. As reviews across the web have said, they aren't the first to have 3D, LG amongst others have already tried it.

    It's another one of those 'specification' selling point phones. Must have octa-core even though Android is still not yet fully able to harness quad-core.
    The issue is, Amazon can afford to throw it out there as they have the cash flow so they wont care if it sells or not and that's what grates on their share holders.
    06-19-14 10:14 PM
  9. Adam Fox2's Avatar
    I have an HTC EVO 3D...has 3D like the 3DS does and it doesn't carry over to most custom ROMS....but non-3D custom ROMS are better than the EVO 3D anyway

    Posted via CB10
    06-21-14 07:18 AM

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