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    We have currently upgraded our users from 9780s (OS6) to Q10s and have had the query of whether there is a way, when filing emails, it will automatically 'snap' to the folder that the email should be filed to instead of it starting from the inbox as the default folder.

    The 9780s did this, and I have tested to ensure the users were not confused, it does seem to jump to the right folder, not sure on what information, subject line or content or other..?

    Anyone have any information in regards to this?

    10-10-13 01:28 AM
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    In my experience, after the first few times filing an email it will be the inbox by default, but then the device seems to learn common actions and automatically goes to what it thinks is the right folder. Unless it just goes back to the last-filed-at folder, which it may.

    If your users are new to BB10, you should make sure they're up to speed with all the gestures and what-not. A hidden but useful one gesture is to go to next/previous message while in the Hub. It is done using an "L" gesture: pull the currently opened message towards the right side of the screen, and then without letting go, slide your finger up or down until the next message is selected. Release to open the selected email.

    Also, the Hub gesture: from anywhere, slide up from the bottom bezel and continue towards the right side of the screen.

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    10-10-13 02:02 AM
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    Advise your users to set mail filtering options (through the Web interface) on the server side. Just like chaz95 said; the hub does recognize repeated actions to speed-up email viewing/processing. Don't confuse proper mail filters on the email server to blackberry hub conveniences.

    Posted via CB10
    10-10-13 06:52 AM

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