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    Yea guys... very weird this starting to happen today... i have over 70GB of data on my 128GB SDXC it read all files fine music txt docs photos etc.. but now after adding more music to the sd card... the phone cannot read anything from the sd card? only just photos i taken... it's like the 70GB doesn't exist.... I've formatted several times copied them over several times turn off device storage etc and still to no avail...

    Any clue on this??

    SD card is fine and working in Samsung phones and sony phones... but cannot see to get the Q10 to recognize it now (it sees it.. but refuses to show all files for it)

    12-29-14 05:24 PM
  2. Rick-TJR's Avatar
    Hi OP, I'm just curious what OS are you running? I wasn't using a 128gb card, but I had troubles with my 64gb. You won't believe what fixed it. Many times I would format it using my Q5 with 10.3.0.xxxx and I thought that should take care of it. It still kept having problems with loosing images and files. So I decided to format it using my Q10 on 10.2.1.xxxxx. It has work perfectly since. So what to make of this??? Either the OS made the difference or the Q5 is bad at formatting. I didn't get time to reload a 10.2.1.xxxx on the Q5 to verify what really fixed it. But if you happen to have another device. Try formatting it in that and try it regardless if it is on the same OS. It might work and if not put a 10.2.1 Os on the phone and then format it. I just don't know if 10.2.1.xxxx supports a 128gb card. I know this is a big hassle if you only have one phone, so I hope this isn't the case. Good luck and I hope this helps

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    12-29-14 08:32 PM
  3. Lithtech's Avatar
    Hey man! I'm on 10.2 I've fixed it now after formatting it 3 times!

    70GB used out of 119GB ?.. yes i got a lot of stuff on it! the other 9GB must be used for 'system'

    Posted via CB10
    12-29-14 09:43 PM

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