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    Been having a few personal issues with my z30 for a while now so yesterday I finally took the plunge! I sold the z30 and went back to my trusted Q10 which I never knew I missed so much until I held it once again

    Upon powering up I was greeted with a nice update from Telstra which I welcomed and installed. Everything ran smoothly except I suddenly kept getting the old Facebook contacts switching itself back on the main contacts and phone app whenever it felt like it. Along with the FB contacts switching itself back on, the theme also goes from dark to light on it's own. I couldn't switch FB Contacts permanently off! I know it's an old OS10 issue but i never had it on 10.1 so I thought it has been dealt with with the 10.2 updates. I'm just surprised it's still here until now. Apart from that I also got the Gmail contacts duplicate issue which i was able to fix by removing and re-adding the gmail contacts account.

    So going back to the annoying Facebook contacts not switching off...are any of you still experiencing this? any known fixes? In the meantime i was so annoyed i just ended up removing my FB account from the device and uninstalled the FB app altogether. I am just using the latest FB Apk sideloaded which works well except i can no longer upload photos or videos directly from the camera app or the gallery. Small price to pay rather than having to deal with a thousand unwelcomed contacts in my phonebook but if there was a way to fix it i'd still wanna use the original OS10 app of course. any inputs would be much appreciated.

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    01-14-14 08:29 PM
  2. Mazinger's Avatar
    Ah all good now guys, I ended up just installing the latest leak and i'm problem free now

    Posted via CB10
    01-15-14 05:55 AM

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