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    I bought myself a Q10 two weeks ago. The new device's battery performance was as to be expected with such a big battery - it lasted at least 1.5 days at normal usage. Of course I played around with it a bit, installed some apps, uninstalled some others, and last week I started having a problem of extreme battery drain.

    By "extreme" I mean that at 50% in the evening I would set the device to aeroplane mode, go to bed and find the device switched off with empty battery the same morning. With a freshly charged battery in the morning, at normal usage, I would have to recharge soon after lunch time.

    I was actually close to sending back my device. I read the thread "disappointed with Q10 battery performance" and related posts from which I found lots of hints on how to maximise battery performance, but none really helped. None but one: I did a full factory reset (not before decrypting my data first) and started from the scratch.

    I now have almost the same setup as before - the same social networks (linkedin, facebook, twitter), the same mail accounts, same wallpaper and ringtone - but no apps from the app world. And guess what - I'm back at the battery performance I had before.

    This leads me to the conclusion that my problem was caused by a software problem. Either one of the apps I used to use went amok, or there's a problem in the operating system triggered somehow by something I don't know.

    I am now going on step by step. This morning I installed three news site apps I used to use a lot before. If battery life does not drop again, I'll install Google Talk tomorrow. If battery live you get the idea.

    I read a lot about Skype causing such problems. I had uninstalled it on my "old" setup, but it did not help. Maybe however it did this "trigger thing" somehow. It's probably the only app I am not going to install anymore. Since Skype is an Android port, does anyone know if Android ports in general have the potential to cause this kind of problem? I am eagerly waiting for the new Tapatalk app which is going to be an Android port again, so how big a risk do you think this would be?

    I just thought I'd share this experience, since I guess I am not the only one who had this problem.
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    09-25-13 03:49 AM
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    If you are using OS 10.2 you can use the new "App Monitor" to see what apps are using the ressources.
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    09-25-13 03:53 AM
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    If you are using OS 10.2 you can use the new "App Monitor" to see what apps are using the ressources.
    That is good news. Something like that was definitely missing. The QNX command prompt did not help me too much either (being a Unix person I did try this out, but one has to know what the processes running on the device are supposed to do).

    I expect 10.2 to roll out for my device in my country in about 2..3 weeks. After my above experience I am a bit hesitant to go with an unofficial beta version.
    09-25-13 04:16 AM
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    I can recommend the latest version it has no bus I could find for myself and all it does is wipe your whole device.... this leak I believe went out for carrier testing as it is available for all devices. So you would just get a head start and not have an OTA update....

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    09-25-13 04:27 AM
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    I have started suffering the same, the phone runs hot and drains v quickly. Using the apps manager does not reveal much other than the 'System' is using approx 44% of the CPU and 43% of the memeory with little usage by anything else.

    Did you find a solution?
    11-26-13 06:37 AM
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    For me the only solution was saving all my data (i.e. photos, music etc.) on my file system and then doing a full factory reset. After that I installed my apps one by one, but only one per day. I now have all of my former apps but skype installed, and I don’t have any issues. I cannot comment on the apps manager, since at that time there wasn’t any.
    11-26-13 07:26 AM

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