1. MrPommeroy's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    I have been a long time BB user ending my affair 9900, then switched to a HTC One. However, I miss the qwerty, the battery power and the life companion feel of a BB.

    Now, that prices on the Q10 have come down and the OS seems more advanced with 10.2 I do have questions to address before switching back to a BB/Q10. Could you pls help me out?

    1) Is the Evernote App native by now and does it support offline access?

    2) Is the agenda view on 10.2 still limited to 3 to 4 entries due to the large height of one "line" / entry?

    Can you now scroll down to get to future appointments, or, do you have to scroll side day by day?

    Are allday events sorted alphabetically in agenda view / day view or by date/time of entry (that is newest first usually)?

    In case of sideloading an android calendar app, is there any calender app that you know, that manages to display some more entries on the small screen of the Q10, or, are these android apps designed for a full touch screen size and don't work that well on a q10?

    I work quite a lot with the calender, but never understood, why BB only designed their calender screen to waste screen space with increasing height of one calender line, starting with OS7. I do rememeber OS 5/6 when a BB small screen did actually showed quite a lot of lines, which was so helpful.

    I assume the OTA sync with google calender works flawlessly?

    3) can one put a shortcut to a file, like a doc on the home screen?


    05-29-14 04:23 AM
  2. hakimmmmm's Avatar
    1- yes it's native evernote app and it does support offline if your premium user BUT you can also use remember default BlackBerry app to use your evernote offline and sync it and it's very handy for offline using

    2- I don't know since I don't use calender app much

    3- yes you can sync Google calender without any problem

    4- and yes you can pin almost any file folder

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-14 04:29 AM

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