11-27-14 08:17 PM
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  1. kjjb0204's Avatar
    Take it easy, people! Sometimes the OP's can have a bad short term memory (I know I do!). No need to flame, BlackBerry owners should be more mature than that :P
    I can understand forgetting a password due to bad short term memory, but I can't understand not remembering that you even set one, per the OP's post. Especially given that you have to go through a couple extra steps to set up a picture password - I find it next to impossible to believe the OP could somehow forget they even set one up.
    11-04-14 08:37 PM
  2. raiso's Avatar
    I found that if you had enabled the "Development mode in security", it will automatically turn on the device password and using the developer password. I also got that problem yesterday and finally passed it at the sixth time, phew ...
    11-27-14 08:17 PM
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