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    I haven't seen a recent (2 year old thread doesn't count) thread for a dynamic US weather map for the Q10, so I thought I'd share mine. Once bookmarked in your browser you can use the i key to zoom in and the o key to zoom out to your heart's content. It forecasts weather patterns from current to 23 hours future. There's also a legend on the same page to help you interpret the colors. I think that this could be a source for professional weather forecasters - it's that good.

    For the Northeast US use: http://models.weatherbell.com/news/hrrr_current_ne.gif

    For the Southeast US use: http://models.weatherbell.com/news/hrrr_current_se.gif

    For all of the Western and Mid-Western US use: http://models.weatherbell.com/news/h...rrent_west.gif

    You can use it on a daily basis by tapping the Reload command on the stock BB browser tri-dot menu.

    I do not know if there is an international site available.

    Please don't think this is restricted to the Q10. It's also bookmarked in my PC Chrome browser.

    I'm an avid boater in the summer and this has been a proven godsend.

    BTW, I don't know if it exists, but it'd be great to compile a list of CB-user submitted sites for us Q10 owners to share.
    05-25-14 08:57 PM
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    I'm about to look around I'll report back if I find one

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    05-25-14 09:06 PM
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    It is called the NOAA mosaic and works very well in the browser. And clicking on say around your area will bring up the NOAA stations radar.


    Dynamic US Weather Map-img_20140525_214349.png

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    05-25-14 09:46 PM

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