1. kimbonini's Avatar
    When I first got my Z10 I thought I was one of the lucky ones who wasn't experiencing any problems, but lately I've had more and more of the common problems (e.g battery quickly dying & now my browser will not open). I was wondering if the Q10 has experienced the same type of problems as the Z10 or are there even worse difficulties? I seen a few of the complaints by reading thread topics, but I'm more curious to hear a general overview. Would I have better luck with a Q10 or should I go ahead & switch to another platform even though I've always tried to be loyal to BlackBerry?
    09-02-13 10:01 PM
  2. lmcjipo's Avatar
    I don't know whether the Q10 works better than the Z10 since I have the Q10 and never really tried the Z10 except in the store (and I did't like the onscreen keyboard but it was a lot better than the onscreen keboards on the AndroidOS or the iOS).

    I feel that most of the shortcomings of the Q10 in terms of bugs are part of either the apps or the OS itself so they would also be present on the Z10.
    09-02-13 10:13 PM
  3. SK122387's Avatar
    I have both the Q10 and Z10, and have had no real issues with either. The first Z10 I got rebooted, so I exchanged it. The first Q10 I got had a bad spacebar and I exchanged it. This was annoying both times.

    But after that, there have been no problems. The Q10 is the best traditional BlackBerry they have ever made. The battery lasts a long time and the speakerphone is excellent. It has never rebooted once. It feels like a really high end device, and if you like the experience of BlackBerry 10 on your Z10 and want a real keyboard, the Q10 is something you'd like.

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    09-03-13 01:28 AM
  4. gitchies's Avatar
    I agree, I think by the time q10 came to market, the bugs got worked out. Seemed like the z10 was a tester unit.......
    09-03-13 10:09 AM
  5. kimbonini's Avatar
    Thanks for the info!

    Posted via CB10
    09-03-13 02:41 PM
  6. sbx9900's Avatar
    The browser of the Z10 would not open after a couple of months. I reloaded the OS and everything has been fine. The only problem left is wifi not connecting to home network. In the beginning, everything was alright. But now, it is hit or miss.

    The Q10 has its small nuisances. Hub freezing, as well as the calendar. Restarting the phone solves it. Also, it has the wifi not connecting to home network issue. But it seems to have this problem less than the Z10. Neither device reboots on me involuntarily though.
    09-03-13 04:07 PM
  7. rambo47's Avatar
    My Q10 has had no physical problems since day 1. I had issues with contacts linking to unrelated contacts but that was a software issue and has since been sorted out. The two devices are designed to operate the same except for the keyboard & screen size. My Z10 should arrive tomorrow so I will be able to compare/contrast in a few days.
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    09-03-13 04:18 PM
  8. o4liberty's Avatar
    I have owned both device and they are very similar in how they work.
    09-03-13 05:55 PM
  9. Cap_172R's Avatar
    I've had both the Z10 and now Q10... both are exceptional devices, very solid! No issues with either --> couldn't be happier!

    Posted via CB10
    09-03-13 07:18 PM
  10. DS1331's Avatar
    If you go thru the forums though there are always threads of people having issues with their Q10, loose keyboard buttons is the one I pretty much see. Random reboots as well. I have not experienced any issues yet thank god

    From Q10/HTC One aka Batman & Robin
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    09-03-13 10:26 PM

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