1. elcheapodeluxe's Avatar
    I have a frustrating problem that I can't figure out how to solve. Every time I am in an Android app, typing ".com" gets autocorrected to ".cM"

    Which is fine. It isn't like .com is in your email address and just about every login for every app....

    But seriously - it's driving me crazy. None of the settings in the BB10 input tabs seem to have any effect. I've made the phone forget remembered words and verified that there is nothing like this in the word substitution list or personal dictionary. And the problem doesn't occur in any BB10 native apps I can think of - only Android apps.

    Which brings the question: Is there a separate substitution list maintained by the Android runtime, and is there a way to edit or flush it short of doing a device wipe? Any help appreciated. I apologize if I bring up a known issue - searching for it did not yield any results. Using a SQN100-5 with

    - Cheapo
    01-25-14 09:28 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    I'm not sure. does anyone know?
    01-28-14 11:09 PM
  3. Arjun Sahota's Avatar
    Since they're sideloaded and not developed for BBOS, I would assume so. With the recent release of 10.2.1, I'd expect a fix for that soon

    Posted via SQN100-3 10.2.429
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    01-28-14 11:14 PM
  4. Benjamin Black's Avatar
    Yes there is...but I don't think you can access it. the best way to try would be via ghost commander

    Posted via CB10
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    01-28-14 11:47 PM
  5. elcheapodeluxe's Avatar
    I never did find a way to get rid of it. I ended up downgrading my phone to T-Mobile's last official 10.1 version from the leak I had. Would like to get the official 10.2.1 notification which I'm hoping will have WiFi Calling and wasn't sure I'd get that if I'm already on the leaked radio. Painful going back to 10.1, but it did clear the Android dictionary wherever that may be.
    01-30-14 11:21 PM
  6. elcheapodeluxe's Avatar
    Added info: It appears to be in my leak installation. Re-installing the leak and even doing a system wipe and the .cM happens. Downgrading to 10.1 gets rid of the problem. Will downgrade again and hope T-Mobile's official 10.2.1 update will not have the problem.
    02-07-14 04:51 PM
  7. Draw Knob's Avatar
    Yes there is...but I don't think you can access it. the best way to try would be via ghost commander

    Posted via CB10
    I've installed Ghost Commander. Now what? How do I find and modify the autocorrect database?
    11-18-14 10:02 PM
  8. R3d13's Avatar
    I am also having the same issue as the OP, where typing ".com" auto-corrects to ".cM". There are other annoying auto-corrects happening as well.

    11-19-14 02:41 AM
  9. okyoureabeast's Avatar
    Bump, this thread is old but I am experiencing this issue on a brand new stock OS q20. Does anyone have any suggestions?
    05-21-15 02:03 PM
  10. jope28's Avatar
    Am having the same issue with the ad-block Browser https://downloads.adblockplus.org/de...latest-arm.apk

    [Hopefully NOT edited by admin to be fair lol. ] Frosty White Q10/ CB10
    05-21-15 03:33 PM
  11. bberrist's Avatar
    Funny, I have the same weird issue with my brand new Q10 running BB 10.3.1, latest official update. Just Android apps are affected. Any idea what might cause this? Thanks guys!

    Posted via CB10
    05-27-15 04:37 PM

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