1. iNick89's Avatar
    ...until I just put my new 32gb SD card in it, and moved all of my music, pictures and videos over.

    DAMN this thing is fast, without all that crap on it!

    I highly suggest SD cards for all BB10 users!

    Sent from the Cadillac of smartphones: my BlackBerry Q10.
    05-29-14 08:05 PM
  2. Jamie Wooten's Avatar
    I will have to see if this makes a difference on mine, thanks
    05-29-14 09:35 PM
  3. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    I've always had my media stored on my 32GB microSD card, so I don't know any different. That's interesting to know though.
    05-30-14 09:53 PM

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