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    This is an old problem for which there have been several suggestions (such as swapping languages back and forth), but none of them ever worked for me.

    Very occasionally the option to save a link to the home screen will work, but, most of the time, you just get a message that it has been added, when it hasn't.
    New apps can get their links on the home screen with no trouble, but the normal browser cannot.
    Nor can apps that say they can add links to the home screen: I've wasted my time on several.

    This is probably part of a general browser glitch, as in a new tab, history and bookmarks take ages to come up after clicking for them; and when saving bookmarks, I can usually only get one or two, before it says add, but never edit, until I shut the browser, and start again.

    The browser screen also breaks up into blue flashing after each You Tube video, and, frequently, only plays sound and a black screen in YouTube. This is particularly after watching YT links from FB: play one OK, but then the next is just black, and the browser has to be reloaded.

    Ideally, I would like to reinstall the browser, but, of course, there is no provision for doing that! :/
    It's a shame, because I have 5 other browsers, and the original BB one is by far the fastest.

    01-31-17 06:49 PM

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