1. dbs1991's Avatar
    Hi everyone,

    No idea if this is the right place or not, so feel free to move. I've broken my Q10 (completely smashed screen and can't see anything), but there is still power there. I've managed (I think) to back it up onto Link on my PC. I've spoken to the network provider and basically the only realistic option for me is just to upgrade to a new phone/cancel the contract. It's expensive whatever I do, but crap happens...

    Anyway, I've had so many issues with BB over the years that I think I should just move away from it, as much as I love the keyboard. Is anyone able to tell me which android/iphones you can transfer all data from Link onto? This would be a huge consideration in me changing phones. Is it possible to get everything across from link to these other phones, and if so, how? Any help would save me a lot of hassle, as there's some stuff that means a lot to me on there that I don't want to lose.

    Thanks in advance.
    11-10-14 04:50 PM
  2. joewoo's Avatar
    Why not just order a new one for $200 off contract? Way cheaper than canceling and signing up for another couple years
    11-10-14 06:21 PM
  3. dbs1991's Avatar
    Unfortunately I'm just fed up with BB. Every phone I have just breaks and it's impossible to get any form of real support. I've had my Q10 for just over a year and I'm on my third model because the last 2 have broken with technical issues, each time completely losing all my data.

    This time it's backed up, so all I want to do is transfer contacts. photos etc from Link to another phone. Is that possible?
    11-11-14 02:35 PM
  4. pipamperon1895's Avatar
    This time it's backed up, so all I want to do is transfer contacts. photos etc from Link to another phone. Is that possible?

    Edit: sorry! To another phone or another BB10 device?
    11-11-14 02:53 PM
  5. Coraya's Avatar
    You said your screen is completely smashed? How is this blackberrys fault? How are they supposed to help you? You should have a case on it. Not a single manufacturer would be able to help you with that. The easiest thing to do would be to buy another phone off contract like the above poster stated. Why spend so much to cancel your line over a broken screen? That's not smart.

    Posted via unlocked PASSPORT
    11-11-14 03:44 PM

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