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    Late to the party, but I finally bit the bullet & acquired a (used) Q10 to supplement my Curve 9360 (first ever BB phone). The reason it took so long is because I was so happy with the 9360. Does nearly everything I need in a small, compact package. I didn't get the Bold originally because it lacked an FM radio (don't laugh). Only 2 complaints drove the upgrade: i) Camera. Carrying around a 2nd device just didn't work most of the time and ii) Browser on the 9360 was just useable and only for consuming the simplest web pages.
    Q10 is the smallest new Blackberry I could get my hands on and has replaceable battery. Ok, I fondled the Passport, and yes, it can fit in a pocket technically but no. And the Classic? Does anyone realize it's the same size as the Z30?? I thought about the slider (I love sliders), but then looked at the size of the damn thing in the photos floating around.

    So after a couple of weeks, my impressions vs the ol' Curve:
    • Yes, the camera is way better. It's not going to replace a decent mirrorless with good lens, but it's more than ok. Focus sometimes lags a bit compared to iPhone
    • Yes, the browser is way better. In fact, it is now the fastest browsing device I have, including my old laptop.
    • WHAT HAPPENED TO THE HOLSTER FUNCTION? Seriously, what's the point of a holster then? I sprang for Power Tools, which seems to do the job, but honestly, Blackberry, come on. (You could also get the stripped down Holster Profile app I guess)
    • The keyboard is way better than the Curve. The extra 6mm in device width was put to real good use. It's a surprise for me, ok? Now I wonder about the Bold...
    • I have a Playbook, I thought I wouldn't miss it, but I do. The trackpad and maybe even the rest of the buttons. Taller Q10 with trackpad? Yes please!
    • Where's my convenience button? I miss it.
    • Where's my Social Feeds? I had to get a 3rd party app that integrated with the hub, so that sort of fills that gap. I'm okay with Blackberry not putting it native I guess, but still a step backwards from before.
    • The battery life? Yah, even with used battery, I ran it over 48 hours before it dropped below 20%. This included voice calls, messaging, web browsing, music over Bluetooth, Youtube videos, etc. Not disappointed at all. I don't know any of my non-BB friends who don't have to charge daily or more.

    I now understand why the Q10 was not a hit. Look, as a communication tool, even my Curve is near perfect, I could imagine why the Bold owners would've been loathe to upgrade. The Q10 takes a step forward, but maybe a step back too. (And Classic, I'm looking at you too. Trackpad or no, you're so fat compared to your predecessor. Though I admit, it does feel good in the hand)

    It's not like I'm not regretting my Q10, will likely be my daily driver now, but it's not without it's caveats and not like I don't miss my Curve 9360 once in a while.
    03-30-15 11:48 PM
  2. jaydee5799's Avatar
    glad you joined the BB10 world.
    03-31-15 05:23 AM
  3. Hiylow's Avatar
    I just went from a similar 9320 to the Q10 and all I can say is "Are You Kidding Me". The Q10 is way way over the moon and thru the burning forest running because my pants is on fire and jumping into the river just to get one better. I received my Q10 a week ago and 1 day latter used an autoloader to get 10.3.1. I barely got to play with 10.2 so i am thinking maybe that's what you are currently using. Its either that or you are in Colorado my friend. Put it down man cause you can't handle it (the Q10 I mean).
    04-04-15 11:57 PM
  4. Jay Wright2's Avatar
    Q10 is my baby.

    Posted via CB10
    04-05-15 01:24 AM
  5. CTU2fan's Avatar
    If you're on 10.3 you have a lot of the Bridge functionality back with your Playbook. I definitely missed that on 10.2.

    Posted via CB10
    04-06-15 12:32 AM

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