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    I'm using Battery System and Analyzer app and still only using I have. Bluetooth, NFC, Mobile Hotspot, tethering, and VPN turned off. The cycle count according to BaSA is 2486. Let's call the battery in it Battery B.

    This my 2nd Q10 and the battery that came with it has a cycle count of over 10,000. I was getting crappy battery life but I thought that was because it kept jumping from 3g to 3G to 4G (you get the idea) or because I got a bad battery.

    My old Q10 didn't have this problem, but then again it was right before 4G came to my area.

    Is there something wrong with the phone or is it something 10.2 will fix? If the former, I doubt Sprint will give me a replacement despite that it's under warrant but that's another story.

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    02-10-14 08:18 AM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Yes the signal fluctuation is the likely culprit. Hopefully it will improve over time.
    02-11-14 02:44 PM
  3. dmlis's Avatar
    Developer of Battery Guru application stated that charge/cycle count was not supported in BB10.
    I tried to figure out any "formula" to calculate right cycle number, but failed. Sometimes you have to divide by 10, sometimes by 20, etc.
    I've got impression, however, that cycles are counted a bit more precise after update to 10.2.1. Or just placebo effect.

    Edit: I just checked cycles count records on 10.2.1. I was wrong, it's still weird.
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    02-11-14 03:52 PM
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    I hope it's signal strength that's the culprit because I unplugged around 7:45am and at 4pm, i'm down to 59%. And I was on wifi and only send a few text messages and read a couple of emails.
    Crazy battery cycle count?-img_00000606.png
    Crazy battery cycle count?-img_00000607.png

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    02-11-14 03:56 PM
  5. dmlis's Avatar
    41% spent in 8 hours = 5% per hour. In my opinion, too much without phone calls or video, etc.

    Just for example.
    I have made many records while on 10.2.0 and some more recently on 10.2.1.
    In a scenario similar to above (no phone calls or just 1-2 min, emails and some texting, allways within wifi coverage) my battery discharge rate was 1.9% per hour on 10.2.0 and 1.7% per hour on 10.2.1.
    Emails: 40-90 read, 15-30 sent. Bedside mode for 6-8 hours per day. Flipshell case. Network 2G.
    02-13-14 12:28 PM
  6. Ambedkar Gandham's Avatar
    can you please help me for how to get battery cycle count in android grammatically??
    11-11-14 04:00 AM

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