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    BBY Q10
    I regularly back up my Q10 onto laptop. Problem I am seeing for past months is my contacts are disappearing one by one. I seem to be losing them each time I back up. My back up settings allow my cell to win over my laptop. Problem is now the info once on my laptop (outlook) and BBYQ10 is now in neither place and I need to find it somewhere and replace my current contacts. Thank you Debra 1533

    08-18-14 06:46 PM
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    You should try the app Back up pro from BBW you can back up to cloud or sd card, works great i use it.
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    08-18-14 06:47 PM
  3. debra1533's Avatar
    Thanks so much - great for future but still need to find a way to recover my missing contacts. Debra 1533
    08-18-14 07:08 PM
  4. anon721037's Avatar
    you probably would have to go to an older back up to recover them, then turn on the two way sync.
    08-18-14 07:16 PM
  5. debra1533's Avatar
    This is the 2nd time I am replying to a post and in midst of typing Crackberry page disappears, comes back and then my] message us gone UGH!

    My question was is it pretty straight forward -- loading up a past backup of contacts? I select a past back up and change the setting for backup to two way sync? That simple? Thanks Debra Should I leave setting at two-way? Perhaps that's why I have lost contacts. DL
    08-18-14 07:25 PM
  6. anon721037's Avatar
    Take your oldest back up and change the settings so contacts only cause it will also put back all the old info on there , then change your sync to two way,
    08-18-14 07:28 PM
  7. sbx9900's Avatar
    I have a Q10 and my contacts (600+) are synced to my gmail account. then this morning, all my contacts linked to my gmail account are gone from my phone. But the my contacts on my gmail are still there. I restarted my phone and my contacts are coming back.

    I had this issue before on my 9900. All my contacts on my phone and on my gmail disappeared. Is this a gmail issue or BlackBerry issue? After this incident, I tried a back up app, but some contacts still disappeared, so I deleted the app.
    10-22-14 07:09 AM
  8. milanmania2004's Avatar
    I just have the same problem also. Out of sudden contacts under Gmail account in Q10 all gone. Recovered after restored my latest backup, restart and recreate the Gmail account.

    Posted via CB10
    10-22-14 07:26 AM
  9. debra1533's Avatar
    Hello. * Great timing, last evening I was on phone w/ Bby Support, *discussing this very subject. * *I found Bby Link (desktop software) for *new Q10 *there don't appear to be any such settings as 2 way or where you can make one (cell vs pc) the master and other slave. * So he is today looking into this problem and getting back to me w/ anything which will serve to prevent this awful problem from reoccurring. * *It appears I cannot go back to old backups and select only contacts and expect the two versions to combine. * *One has to write over the other one. * * *I believe I will have to subscribe once again, as I did in 2013 to a non-Bby software co. which can use MS programs such as Excel to translate the info,*making it readable. * It does not interact w/ Bby desktop info but only serves to present contacts in a readable form. * * I'll get back to this Forum once Ii hear from Bby Support again‎
    10-22-14 11:55 AM
  10. debra1533's Avatar
    I discovered, since Bby is tied into your email address, if I deleted my email settings in my cell and then re setup the same email address in my cell I did get most recent calendar, contacts etc back into my phone.
    10-22-14 11:59 AM
  11. sbx9900's Avatar
    Yes they should. That is precisely the reason I tied the contacts to the email account. Should I lose my phone, my contacts will not be lost since they are all in the gmail account.

    However, I am just confused why the contacts disappeared even if the email account was not deleted on the Q10. Also I got scared that the contacts on the email account itself would disappear just like on my 9900 two years ago. Fortunately, that did not happen.

    All I did was to restart my phone and most of the contacts came back. Some contacts had irregularities. Also after the restart, I noticed that my BBM contacts were not showing on the settings where you can toggle them to show or not as my Facebook, and BBM video contacts. what appeared was just the gmail and sim card contacts. I did another restart and the previous glitches disappeared and all the BBM and Facebook accounts appeared again in the contact settings where you could toggle them on or off again. Weird. This is surely not gmail issue.
    10-22-14 03:49 PM
  12. Volareman's Avatar
    Yeah. Have only had a Q10 two weeks, so only have added one contact since then. Everything else came from gmail. Woke up today with only one contact (the one I added). Saw this thread, rebooted, and now they're all back again. Scary! Any root cause yet?
    10-22-14 04:49 PM
  13. debra1533's Avatar
    I think we all make a quorum with the same problem. May be this may bring about an update. I will send info from here to bby support. I am so lucky to have an open ticket to be able to get some answers. Link may doesn't seem programmed with same ability to set it up as before. I'll be back with some kind of answer soon. Debra
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    10-22-14 05:23 PM
  14. macberry33's Avatar
    I have a Q10 and my contacts (600+) are synced to my gmail account. then this morning, all my contacts linked to my gmail account are gone from my phone. But the my contacts on my gmail are still there. I restarted my phone and my contacts are coming back.
    That is weird. Same thing happened to me today. All of the sudden my 1500+ gmail contacts were reduced to just 500 last night.

    I restarted the device and contacts were populated again.

    Posted via CB10
    10-22-14 06:28 PM
  15. sbx9900's Avatar
    I am wondering whether BlackBerry fixed something on their end that resulted to contacts disappearing. After I restarted the phone and began linking some of my contacts, I noticed that there was only 1 unique number for each contact. Before, if the contact's info was saved on the device, sim and email, there would be 3 similar numbers for one contact when viewed in the contacts app.
    10-22-14 11:29 PM
  16. Sequester#WN's Avatar
    My gmail contacts disappeared both on my passport and Q10 yesterday. I deleted the gmail account and added it again and let it rest for the night.

    In the morning all contacts were on the phone again. This has happened before a couple of months before. I assume it is something with the communication with the Google servers.

    Posted via CB10
    10-23-14 12:06 PM
  17. debra1533's Avatar
    Hello all - hopefully all can read this update. I am still going at a snails pace with BBY Support on this issue. I was advised to backup(full) then reinstall last backup so I get all things back. Logically doesn't sound like it will make a difference.... Did you all happen to delete multiple contacts thinking it my have been copied twice when you did your last backup? It could be that you deleted what you are missing (I have in the past) thinking it was a duplicate. It was not a duplicate but it was from 2 sources - ie - Media Card and one from Your laptop or elsewhere. Just a thought. I will get back again once I go further with Support. I am working with them on this very subject of disappearing contacts and or calendar Debra 1533
    10-29-14 02:32 PM
  18. debra1533's Avatar
    so with q10 Link software where is the settings for 2way sync. Old sofrware allowed these settings but Link newer software does not allow this. Debra1533
    10-29-14 02:33 PM
  19. debra1533's Avatar
    Everyone since so many are related to Gmail perhaps the problem lies with them...As for me I am with Outlook.
    10-29-14 02:36 PM
  20. sbx9900's Avatar
    In my case, I didn't keep a contact local to my device, but everything was synced with gmail. This is not a matter of us deleting several contacts, since all contacts disappeared! It may be that something was going on with gmail that day since there were others who experienced the same thing that same day.

    But all is well. I restarted my phone and the contacts came back. There were several linking issues that arose after that but were solved in the course of the day.

    I synced my contacts with outlook when i was on windows phone a few years back. And i lost a few contacts every now and then after syncing. I never figured out what happened.
    10-29-14 03:15 PM
  21. debra1533's Avatar
    Since late October and further back than that, I have been working with BB Support to get to the bottom of lost Contacts. Fortunately I have many backups to chose from. Anyhow, today I learned with upper Supervisor approval the Support tech can use an app which consolidates all past contact info so I will wind up with a list of contacts which will not contain 8-14 of each name (as it appears now after trying to download a contact list long enough back to contain my lost info.)

    Once I complete this tomorrow, I will update progress. Sorry for the long delay. Debra
    12-08-14 10:43 PM

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