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    I installed the CIBC mobile payment app a few days ago, I tried it at the local beer store and it worked fine. The lady behind the counter said to me "how old are you? I'm 42 and I didn't know you could do that with a phone ".

    I am 73 but it I do like to keep up with technology .

    I did feel good that it worked fine.

    I tried it again a few days later at Macdonalds but it didn't work that time, I realized later that I had a case on the phone the second time. I tried it without the case at another Macdonalds and it worked ok.
    Obviously the phone may need to be naked in order for it to work effectively.

    I do have a 4500 mAh battery but was using the original battery when I was trying the app. Has anyone had any luck with NFC with the larger battery?

    Unfortunately I mistakenly posted this in the q10 forum ... oh well age does have it's benefits
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    Great story. The app works great and is very useful. I've had the same reaction, particularly at Subway restaurants in the Southern US where everyone has iPhones, which as we all know don't support NFC so I was the only one who had ever used it.

    It may not work with a bigger battery because there are contacts on the back of the cover that need to be made. Also, NFC is intended to work in very close proximity so that it's intentionally used and not accidentally and avoids sniffing. This is why you need to be very close to the payment terminal and can't have a bulky case.

    The only place I've had issues with it is at Sobey's.
    06-17-14 08:31 PM

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