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    I went on a holiday recently and did not have roaming so I was shocked to find that I couldn't access my personal mails (just kept getting a loading circle icon) without a connection. It caused me to not have travelling information that I needed... I'm using gmail but I would think that once they are downloaded/ to your phone you should be able to open them as and when you like without any data/wifi connection. I do not seem to have the same problem on my work email account. Could someone shed some light on this matter?
    06-09-14 11:24 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    From my experience it depends on the content of the email. If it's just text, it should open fine. However, if it's embedded HTML or embedded images or anything like that then it needs to have a connection, which is apparent from the error you get as it essentially looks like a webpage trying to load in your email.

    For example, if I turn my network off I can read plain text emails just fine however, to use an example for your sake, old emails I have from Expedia I can't open because it has a bunch of HTML crap in it that it needs to load from wherever its hosted. Most travel places have the option of viewing HTML or text when sending emails to you.

    Generally you can change it in your 'contact preferences' on their site or a link at the bottom of the email for plain text but neither will help you NOW as it's a bit too late and you have no connection.
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    06-09-14 11:28 PM
  3. dawnjc79's Avatar
    I imagined there would be a "work offline" mode to enable you to retrieve text information from any email that you already have. I don't remember ever having such a problem with my 9800.

    Posted via CB10
    06-10-14 03:49 AM
  4. bruce73's Avatar
    Is this the reason there is no content with certain emails when I forward them to another email account? I believe the error states "cannot open/find attachment" or something to that effect.

    Tapped out on my Q10
    06-10-14 05:37 AM

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