1. Hard of Hearing's Avatar
    OK, this will sound strange to most people but I want to disable the Video Player.

    I use the Q10 for business. Many times, sitting in an office waiting for appointment or even when eating lunch, I browse news articles to catch up on what is happening. Way too often, click on a story link and up pops a video. Of course, the volume is too loud plus it is close to impossible to shut it off without closing the browser.

    So, is there a way to prevent Videos from working on my BB? Tried finding text only news websites and they also have videos embedded in their articles. Tried Evolution Browser, same thing. Is there a browser that has an option to disable videos and while we are at it, popups?

    Heard there are Android apps that work on BB, any suggestions for browsers that work on a Q10?

    If not, has anyone experienced the same issues and found a work-around?

    For what it matters, I do not care if I lose all video capability.

    05-26-14 01:08 PM
  2. diegonei's Avatar
    Have you tried Reader mode?

    The video player is a core, non-removable OS app.

    You do know notification sounds and media sounds are rulled by different volumes, right? Settings > Main volume > disable "Always adjust media volume". Now you can have your notification at the usual level while music/videos can be set to minimum (and even muted) without messing your BBMs and email alerts.

    And welcome to the forums.
    05-26-14 08:46 PM
  3. Hard of Hearing's Avatar

    Was out of town and finally logged back on. Thanks for the reply and suggestion.
    06-24-14 02:17 PM
  4. Denny_Crane's Avatar
    What about disabling the Flash player?
    06-24-14 03:24 PM

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