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    So I have my Q10 set up with a university office 365 account. I recently discovered that I could file my emails from BB Hub, and started doing so. After filing a couple emails, and having the "Do you want to sync this folder?" prompt appear each time, I chose "yes" and "don't show again". Unfortunately, I think I should have hit "no" instead. I'm not sure how to get the prompt to re-appear, so I can choose the right option. Also, because I chose to sync this folder, I now have about a hundred emails on BB Hub. For some reason, delete prior won't work on them (same with trying to delete off BB Hub individually). Neither did going into account settings and choosing not to sync this folder.

    So essentially I'd like two questions answered:
    1) Is it possible to file emails without syncing the folder?
    2) How do I get the prompt for whether I want to sync the folders to reappear?

    Really, I just want to be able to file emails and not have them show up on BB Hub any more (whether it's automatic after filing, or being able to delete them later, I don't care which). I only go on my computer email application about once a week, so the emails really pile up. It would be nice not to have to clean up my inbox every time I go on. Thanks!

    EDIT: answered by tdyhedge - thanks so much! The tip about Hub Settings>Display really helped (I'd tried the other thing already). My issue is resolved now
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    Did you try going into Hub Settings > Display and Actions and try turning off "Notify when folder isn't synced"?

    Also for the folders being synced, you should be able to go into each individual folder tap the overflow button ( 3 dots) and tap "disable folder sync" for each folder. There's should be a little drop down arrow up at the top for your 365 account, you need to select to get to the individual folders.

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