01-23-15 12:04 AM
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    Why don't you read the other 10 million posts asking the same thing!

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    What help is this? You just sound like a grouch
    01-22-15 06:12 AM
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    Top 5 reasons to go BlackBerry:

    Can I get some convincing me to get a BlackBerry?-dv6zahr.jpg
    EDIT: Btw I don't think you've created this thread in the Q10 sub-forum randomly: perhaps you're attracted by the best BB device available today IMO:the Q10. You won't regret picking this device it will grow on you. In 6 weeks there's the MWC so if you can wait before you get a BB I'd first check what John Chen has been cooking. If you can't wait then go and get a Q10 today
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    01-22-15 06:35 AM
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    01-22-15 10:04 AM
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    Snapchat and Instagram are both Android apps. Blackberry OS-10 can download and run Android apps in much the same way as an Android device can, in fact some claim that Android apps run better on a Blackberry than on an Android device. I don't use either app, so I can't comment on their performance, but there will definitely be some opinions to be found in these forums.

    In my experience and opinion (I have had two Blackberry phones - Z10 and Z30), the camera is mediocre, but acceptable, considering that this is a communicating device, and taking photos is not its primary function. Hard to say whether or not you would find the camera quality good or bad - it depends on your expectations. For me, any shortfall on camera quality is more than made up for in other areas of the devices.
    I must add, Snapchat is nearly unusable on the Q10. Once you get past the "Google Services" error, the screen size does not work with the app. You can't add text to pictures, view the entirety of a picture someone sends you, etc. You have to install a third party application like Snap10 which is what I am doing, but Snapchat is against these applications and you run the risk of getting your account banned. It's a mess.

    It isn't like this with all Android apps, however. For example, Netflix and Crossy Road (a new game) work flawlessly on my Q10. I've also heard that Instagram works very well. Its performance with Android apps is not consistent. I'm running 10.3 and it still isn't perfect.

    Since I'm not big on apps (seriously, if you need apps, choose Android or iOS), I still think the Q10's performance and keyboard make up for the app gap. Although I am decent at typing on glass screens, there is nothing like having a physical keyboard matched up with the fantastic BlackBerry 10 OS.

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    01-22-15 09:52 PM
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    If you are looking for an overall efficient phone bb10 is for you. If apps are very important it's not.

    Passport, SQW 100-1,
    01-22-15 10:52 PM
  6. anon(3072139)'s Avatar
    OS10 is great but the Classic is a better piece of hardware. No known defects (unlike the double-typing issue plaguing Q10 users). If you want even better specs including the camera, you need the Passport.

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    01-22-15 11:01 PM
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    I started with iOS for a few years then to Android for a few more years. I finally decided to go BB and bought the Q10. I realised after all these years that I don't game as much on my phone. I watch movies on my tablet. And I mainly read news, ZDNet, Flipboard, Youtube, WhatsApp, text and talk on the phone. And I hated all the typos I would get using a virtual keyboard. After thinking about how I use my smartphone, I decided that mattered to me was a physical keyboard, small sized phone that was easy to carry and that did not try to bust its way out of my jean's pocket. I wish the 3.2" screen was larger but I can live with it.

    BB native apps are few but with 10.2 and higher, Android app compatibility is always getting better. You will find something that will fill the app gap in the BB world.

    The only way to know if you will like a BB is to actually try it. It's really hard to without living withe the device for a while, to know if you will like it. There is a good second hand market for Q10, Classic and Passport. Try the Q10, it you like using a BB, then keep the Q10 or upgrade to a Classic or Passport. If you don't like it, sell it on eBay. Someone will buy it. BB users tend to hoard BB devices
    01-23-15 12:04 AM
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