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    Dear Sir, android sms apps such as SMS Composer is being installed in Blackberry Q10
    but functionally it does not works, sms of device are not being synced with SMS Composer app
    nor I can send SMS from that app.
    as well as the sms control desktop software does works funtionally for the blackberry, even it connects with the device but messages does not synched with the software.

    I have to know basically what is difference between Android SMS and Blackberry SMS ?

    I need 2 things which are avail in Android technology.
    1. SMS Control software and I have got Blackberry Blend for it
    2. SMS with seperate folders Inbox and Sent Items in Device & Desktop software.

    it is my request to Blackberry developers that please look on this.
    02-21-15 09:45 AM

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