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    Hi, I was just going through some pictures I took and edited back in spring and noticed the boarder was thick white but also has rounded inside corners and is a little washed out. Now when I open my picture editor the closest boarder option is the regular thick white (no rounded inside cornere or washed out)? Does anyone know if the editor was changed or am I loosing it somehow!

    (Ha, don't see an option to correct my spelling error in the topic)

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    11-29-13 08:45 AM
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    HI. I just used the boarders in the camera editor and all is see that might match what you said is the "old tv" frame. Otherwise the white ones have square corners for both thick and thin frames.
    11-29-13 11:05 AM
  3. jason.woodisgood's Avatar
    Exactly, so strange that the original boarders aren't there anymore?

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    11-29-13 11:38 AM

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