1. GusBandicoot's Avatar

    I did a quick search but couldnt find anything... recently something has happened to my 8month old Q10's ear piece - its AWFUL during calls to the point where i cant actually really use it.

    Its cared for very well and has a protective leather pouch that its kept in while not in use and hasnt been droppped...

    Firstly, has anyone else had this issue? Secondly, ive tried contacting @blackberryhelp on twittoooooor but have so far had no reply - should i take it back to the shop i got it from (phones4U) or try and contact blackberry directly...


    01-11-14 11:37 AM
  2. surgeon1919's Avatar
    I got my Q10 the day it came out. Call quality is outstanding on both ends. Sorry I couldn't help. Maybe you could back up your contacts, memos, password keeper, wipe the phone clean and see if that helps? Personally BB Link drive me crazy so if you have the patience try to have your contacts in order on paper or in a different phone so you could re-enter them on your Q10.

    Another good reason to avoid BB link in this case could be that you would back up and restore your problem.
    01-11-14 01:03 PM
  3. room2046's Avatar
    If your phone is only 8 months old, have you checked to see if it is still covered by warranty?

    Posted via Q10
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    01-11-14 03:48 PM
  4. mh2704's Avatar
    I've just had mine replaced due to the same fault. Mines on Vodaphone UK and they sent it for repair. I went to collect it and it'd been replaced with a new one. 5 day turnaround, which I think is pretty good.

    Mine was around 8 months old, never been dropped or any water damage.

    Take it back whilst it's still under warranty.

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    01-11-14 06:11 PM
  5. Andy Pettit's Avatar
    My sound quality both sides is perfect sorry I can't help. Hopefully you didn't get a ?friday? model

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    01-11-14 06:27 PM
  6. Chris Murphy's Avatar
    Sounds like your speaker has blown. Happened to me and I just called my carrier and told them. They shipped me a new phone and I had it 2 days later. You should still have a warranty and they will swap you a new phone if you call.

    Swiped on a beautiful AMOLED BlackBerry 10.
    01-11-14 06:31 PM
  7. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    just seen all these replies...its gone for repair under warranty...im stuck with a knackered old bold 9700 with no browser or email as its my dads old work phone and its still locked into 'work mode'. I paid 10 to get it factory reset so at least i can call and text from it (it was password locked aswell)....

    Any ideas how i can COMPLETELY reset it? ive tried a security wipe on the phone too but still got all the old settings...
    01-18-14 10:00 AM
  8. Chris Murphy's Avatar
    You did a wipe and still got old settings? The wipe where you have to type BlackBerry? That should completely put your phone back to new out of the box with no previous anything.

    Swiped on a beautiful AMOLED BlackBerry 10.
    01-18-14 10:05 AM
  9. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    yep already done that (twice), but hasn't resolved it
    01-18-14 10:11 AM
  10. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    Q10 has been repaired and on its way back to me according to phones4u. i guess they just put in a new ear piece. 3-5 days and i should be back in the modern age! This bold 9700 has got NOTHING on the q10!!
    01-22-14 12:12 PM
  11. mh2704's Avatar
    When mine went away for repair with Vodaphone. They just sent me a new replacement. I'm not sure if it's brand new or a refurb, but I couldn't find any blemishes or any dust or dirt anywhere on it. Not sure what happens if I came to sell it from an IMEI number point of view as it now doesn't match the box.

    Posted via CB10
    01-22-14 02:10 PM
  12. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    Phone had to be sent back to blackberry for 'specialist' repair... Will hopefully have it back Monday or Tuesday....I'm so lost without my q10....I've also realised that I hate using any other phone too
    02-02-14 06:40 AM
  13. GusBandicoot's Avatar
    well..to update...phone was still faulty so asked for a phone swap...after ALOT of issues with phones4u ive finally got a new q10...now i have a new problem...i obviously backed up all my settings etc but i cant seem to get that same data across to the NEW q10? I havnt got my old device so cant do a 'switch device'

    any advice?!
    03-28-14 12:54 PM

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