1. thidisbogus's Avatar
    Still a big problem. I got a nice glossy brochure in the mail today from AT&T. "Mobile Solutions for Small Business".

    Full line of Nokia Windows phones, Samsung and HTC Android phones, of course iPhones and even an NEC phone.

    No mention of BlackBerry.

    Posted via CB10
    08-22-14 11:04 PM
  2. BigHulkDiesel's Avatar
    Yeah, I am very excites about the Passport, but at the same time, I am worried that ATT US won't even carry it.

    Posted via CB10
    08-22-14 11:19 PM
  3. purplefish212's Avatar
    I agree that US carriers are partly to blame for BlackBerry's issues there. They don't push the phones, discourage their adoption, and in the case of T-Mobile, go out of their way to denounce them.

    Envoy� par mon Z10
    08-23-14 12:50 AM
  4. Tre Lawrence's Avatar
    Unfortunately, carriers are very profit-driven. They tend to carry what makes them money.
    08-23-14 01:34 AM
  5. zocster's Avatar
    Kickbacks that the carriers get from various manufacturers are relatively bigger, hope this turns around with the foxconn deal.

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    08-23-14 01:39 AM

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