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    Good day, guys. I'm just wondering if I can buy BlackBerry apps on my Q10 using my PayMaya (under VISA) account here in the Philippines? And why is the currency on my Q10 still in dollar?
    BlackBerry World payment from the Philippines-img_20160227_012726.png

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    02-26-16 12:27 PM
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    1. Login to the PayPal website and change my default currency to INR (for some reason it had changed to $USD when I linked my PayPal account to my App World account).
    2. Remove App World from my BlackBerry and reboot.
    3. Go to BlackBerry App World on my BlackBerry. Install and launch.
    4. Go to the My World section in App World.
    5. Select Payment Options.
    6. Highlight PayPal and select Next.
    7. Enter the same PayPal username and password as before and save.
    8. Reboot and relaunch App World and everything now shows in the correct currency.
    9. if it didn't work then just select a Paid app and then click on buy and you will check out the cart when yu will select pay pal and when it generates the cart page it will change the price Philippine Peso.

    Hope this works if not let us know.

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    02-26-16 02:21 PM
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    Yes you can. Just choose the Add new payment account > New Credit Card from payment options in settings

    Paymaya works exactly like an ordinary Visa credit card.

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    02-27-16 01:03 AM

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