02-10-13 09:46 AM
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    Nah....I think they nailed it this time. The battery life has been acceptable on my 9900....makes it from wake to sleep with 20% left consistently for me and I'm a heavy user (work and personal, with the music playing all day). The Q10 with the 21 mah should do the job nicely!!!! Looking forward to getting this phone!!!!
    Ugh. Posts like this drive me NUTS! Sulcopete, no offense to you personally. I'm sure you love your 9900, as do I my 9930. But unless you wakeup at noon and go to bed at 4pm, there's no way in this world you've got 20% battery left after that purported usage. No way, niet, nada, nein.
    I have two 9930's and I use one just to listen to music while I'm relaxing at home. Take into account that the device isn't connected to the network, on wifi, or "live" in any way....just plays my music thru my headphones, and it won't last more than 3 or 4 hours. Same for my 9700, 9650, 9000, 8330, torch. Even my ipod and ipod touch only last 5 hours playing music straight non-stop. Sorry if you take offense! None intended
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    02-10-13 09:14 AM
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    I'm more than a year out from upgrade eligibility, so I can wait. By then, both phones should be readily available on the US market, and I'll know which one is for me (if either). Really want to see how nixing the track pad and other buttons of which I've grown accustomed is addressed.
    The trackpad and other buttons is addressed by the touch screen. There is no magic unknown software replacement.
    02-10-13 09:46 AM
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