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    I use a Blackberry Q10 and I find that my typing is faster than the words that appear on the screen. It seems annoying coz I believe that a 2GB RAM can manage this. I ain't such a fast typist myself. Not sure what the issue is. It especially happens on BBM. I tried formatting and also reloading the software.

    Please help.
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    05-31-14 06:30 AM
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    I am a very fast typist and don't seem to have that problem now, but I did when I first got the phone. if you haven't had it for awhile, it will speed up. Also, make sure you have no apps running in the background as that will slow down typing speed

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    05-31-14 02:14 PM
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    Thanks mate.
    I usually don't have any apps running in the background. The problem is mainly in BBM. Also, when I get a banner notification and touch it to go to the app and reply, the cursor stays in the reply field but, when I type, no words appear. I need to touch the reply area space for it to become active.
    Do you have the same issue???

    Hope it gets better over time
    05-31-14 03:00 PM
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    I have the same problem! Both on BBM and SMS. It's pretty annoying!

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    05-31-14 03:49 PM
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    BBM lags with text on my Z30 too. It does on my non-BB devices as well. I think it's how many people are using it. On SMS it only does it when I've got less than %10 battery.

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