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    I want to keep this quick and straight to the point, I adore my Q10 but one issue just bugs me so much, a few weeks ago my Remember app just erased all the entries that I had transferred over from my 9900, luckily I still have everything on my 9900 but I don't know where the entries went, I don't have BlackBerry Balance enabled in my phone, I can't even find it, and when I try and make a new entry in the Remember app it only shows in the Entries for a short period of time and then vanishes.
    I had no idea that Evernote was synced with it and if I had known I would have got the app if it was released at the time but it's kind of useless to me now because the evernote app didn't sync any of the memo's on my 9900 so I still don't have them on my Q10.
    If it wasn't for the Memo Pad app that I downloaded a few weeks ago I would be so much more annoyed.
    Can anyone tell me the cause of the problem? would I need to do a device wipe or something? I don't really want to do that.
    If this is an issue with other users then I hope the 10.2 update will fix this
    09-20-13 07:36 AM
  2. ColinsCity's Avatar
    Problem is fixed, after deleting my three Hotmail accounts all the notes instantly re-appeared, thankfully I have a HTC One to put the three other accounts on lol, hope this issue is fixed in 10.2
    09-20-13 04:39 PM

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