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    I have a BlackBerry Q10; I have had it for 2 years as of 2/19/16. For the last 6 months, my phone keeps rebooting. Right before it reboots itself; a message requests that I verify my BlackBerry Id. After I input this information; my phone reboots...afterwards my ringtone has been changed; all of my calendar appointments are erased; and contacts that I have previously deleted is put back under my contact list. Why is this happening? Can it be fixed? How can I resolve this problem? This is a huge issue because I my personal and business appointments keep getting erased. Help!
    03-04-16 06:36 PM
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    Back up all your important info, contacts etc.
    and reload the OS using BlackBerry LINK or update as required.
    If that doesn't solve your issue it could be hardware based e.g loose contacts????

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    03-04-16 10:27 PM
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    Also make sure the battery isn't loose. The only and every instance my Q10 would reboot was when I would get to work and and either my phone on my desk ( a hard surface) and when I would get in at night and place the phone on the counter ( a hard surface) took a couple of days to figure this out.

    After I placed a folder memo sticky pad paper between the battery cover and the battery to take up the small space it's never happened again.

    I'm very well aware that rebooting is a known issue so this may not work for you but is definitely worth a try.

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    03-26-16 07:38 PM

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