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    I just purchased a Blackberry Q10 to replace my Torch 9800 (which I loved for over 2 years). Before switching phones I was able to upload all my contacts to the AT&T Address book. When I set up the new phone I synced with the online AT&T Address book but not all of the contacts made it to the Q10. I have 324 contacts in the AT&T Address book. I don't know how many made it to the new phone. AT&T customer service told me to manually go through the address book on my phone and compare it to the online AT&T Address book and manually enter each contact.
    After doing that to some of the contacts and also adding new contacts or modifying existing contacts (adding a picture changing the home address) I do not see the changes reflected on my online AT&T Address book. I have tried going to Settings>Accounts>AT&T Address Book and I have marked Automatically Sync. When I click on the sync icon it gives a popup window that says "Sync Now" "Your Contacts are being synced" but there is no change to either the contact list on my phone or the entry on the online AT&T Address book. Also it says it was last synced 6 hours ago on the phone despite me clicking on the sync icon now. I have tried doing this with the Data on and off. I have tried removing the battery and putting it back in.
    I suppose my only other option is to back up frequently with the PC desktop software but I had been hoping to use the AT&T Address book as the ultimate backup since even a desktop can stop working.
    Have other people had trouble with the Sync feature? Does anyone have a solution?
    08-02-14 11:27 PM
  2. anon721037's Avatar
    why don't you try the newest blackberry link, and use the switch device
    08-03-14 11:39 AM

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