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    I'm currently using a Blackberry q10 keyboard and having problems typing with the letter 'l'. When I press the button it capitalizes when I don't have the cap lock on. Also when I glide my finger on it, it'll recognize that I have pressed on it even though I haven't pressed it. What can be the problem? I know for a fact that I haven't spilled anything that may have caused it to be sticky. Do I have to take apart my cell phone to clean it or is there another solution?

    Thanks in advance

    09-04-13 10:05 AM
  2. texn884's Avatar
    sounds like you need to replace the keyboard.
    I had that issue with 2 of my BB9930's finally I replaced the keyboard after getting a second phone and did not want to transfer all my stuff again. $35.00 bucks later with the tools and im rocking my 9930 again perfect
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    09-04-13 10:26 AM

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