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    Hello everybody,

    Just got a new BB Q10 and trying to get through the first set up. But I've faced one problem, it cannot connect to the internet. When I'm trying to connect to mobile internet, it keeps saying "Waiting data connection" and nothing happens. When trying to connect to Wi-Fi, on the step when it's checking internet connection I always get message "The device could not connect to the internet". It happens on every Wi-Fi I'm trying to connect to. Also tried to set up connection manually, but got the same result. So guys, I need your help, I cannot even complete the set up of the phone. Maybe I got defective Q10?

    OS version out of the box 10.2.1 Bundle 2141.
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    06-15-14 04:32 AM
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    Have you tried a reboot?

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    06-15-14 05:30 AM
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    Yes, I've even made a reset, it doesn't help.
    06-15-14 07:21 AM
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    Was it a new or used phone? A new phone would have required a network connection for the phone to get setup and load the latest OS.

    I would suggest reloading the software with BlackBerry Link and if the phone cannot connect to cellular or wifi during the setup, you probably have a hardware problem.

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    06-15-14 08:07 AM
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    It's a new, unused phone, just out of box. I know, that the phone requires network connection to proceed the setup, but I cannot connect to any network, so I cannot go further through setup. I've tried to connect the phone to a computer, but BB Link says "Device haven't completed setup process", so I cannot do anything with BB link. Seems that I've to go to a service center tomorrow to resolve this problem.
    06-15-14 08:33 AM
  6. robsteve's Avatar
    There is an option in Link to force a reload of the software. If that doesn't work, it may be a hardware problem. If the phone is not setup, you may need to power it off, then plug into PC with link running and when it asks if you want to wait for the phone to reboot or to reload the software, choose reload software.

    Is the phone not connecting to any network or is the phone connecting to a network, but not able to access the BlackBerry network? If it is the latter, you may have something blocking access to the BlackBerry network or there could be a problem with the BlackBerry network in your country.

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    06-15-14 05:03 PM
  7. Golden_Firefly's Avatar
    Tried force reloading software, but still no result, cannot connect to Wi-Fi or mobile network.
    06-16-14 08:19 AM
  8. robsteve's Avatar
    Sounds like a hardware problem. Since it is a new phone, you should just return it and get another.

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    06-16-14 08:46 AM
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    I was in the service center today, quite interesting story. The service center is located in another town, when I got there, I described the problem I have and gave the device to them to check it. We turned the phone on and tried to connect to Wi-Fi, and what you thing, it connected from the first attempt. How can it be, I asked myself. In my town it couldn't connect to any Wi-Fi network, but there it connected to the first available. Service center employe looked at me as I'm some kind a fool.
    Luckily the device is working. I've completed the setup process at their office, so know I can use it.

    Thank you all for help!
    06-17-14 11:32 AM

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