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    Hi, often when I'm out I'll see something interesting so I'll open a link in a new tab so that I won't have to write it down. Then when I get to my laptop I can just see the address. Lately my Q10 has been doing odd things. One of those is that I'll have 5 to 10 open tabs, but even though I don't close the browser when I go to read them most of the tabs are gone! They aren't in history either.

    Has anyone seen this that knows how to prevent it? I'm still running at the moment since I'm Still very unsure whether or not to risk updating to (that I get daily pop-ups for) as the forced update to really messed up a lot of settings and scrambled AND doubled most of my contacts. Any thoughts?

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    10-03-15 03:42 PM
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    Good post. I can't wait to hear some feedback from other experienced with this OS posted their experiences.

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    10-04-15 11:55 AM
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    No issue on Q10SQN100-3/ and none before either. I have the bad idea to keep my tab opened (between 15 and 25 at a time). Never loose my tabs... or history by the way.
    BlackBerry browser erasing open tabs!-img_20151004_192042.png
    YouTube included.
    10-04-15 12:23 PM
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    Joshu, I wish I could still say that! I try to max out with about a dozen tabs. I USED to have the luxury of doing what you also do but in the last few months I'll go to look and even though the browser's still running some tabs are gone.

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    10-05-15 07:18 AM
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    Check your Device Monitor and Memory Usage ; check also your apps' permissions (Run in the Background, Run when Minimized, ...).

    Either one of the website you visit creates a memory leak, either another app eat memory for breakfast, lunch and diner, either you need the last BB10 build

    Good hunting
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    10-05-15 07:53 AM
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    I've just found a trigger for this behaviour ! First time I see it though. Start the native browser, let some tabs opened. Close it. Now, instead of starting the browser again, use an uri, meaning a link in CB10 for example. And voila, all previously opened tabs are closed and only the link clicked is here...

    History doesn't disappear though

    Can you reproduce the same behaviour ?

    UPDATE : Can't reproduce the bug now... hmmmm...
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    10-05-15 04:29 PM

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