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    Any idea on how can I change the Q10 from black to white other than trading the phone? I mean is it possible like buy a whole set of the white Q10 housing and if I could change it myself? Anyone tried it?


    Both my gf and I bought a black Q10. Then she really regretted the black one when she saw the white (women)... so I want her to fall in love with her Q again. anyone can help us here?

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    Yes just google housing on ebay. Make sure it's a reputable seller, look at their feedback from others that purchased the same item that you are looking to buy. Make sure they include the necessary tools to do the job. Watch a few utube videos how on how to do it, alot of places in your local chinatown will do it fairly cheap as well, avoid the ones that use two sided tape to install though, I prefer the snap together myself

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    Just remember I'm fairly sure doing what the first responder suggested will void any warranty on your phone.

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